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How to maintain boundaries in the workplace?

by LittleYouKnow

I believe at some point in our lives we have been faced with this question or situation of maintaining boundaries when it comes to emotions, relationships, people, etc. If we were to think about why it is needed in the first place, we will get the answer, “too much of everything is bad”. Likewise, it is imperative to maintain boundaries when it comes to your workplace. There is a common connotation about the workplace being the second home and it is partly true as at home we have certain rules to follow or are made to follow from the direct orders of our parents. 

Similarly, the workplace has its own defined set of rules and a stricter code of conduct to follow when it comes to the smallest of the things like the attire, dos, and don’ts to follow in the workplace, maintaining silence, etc. 

These rules are needed to maintain a system of healthy working culture and avoid any conflict, as we all need to coexist and bring about results. But, in this fast-paced environment, people often find it difficult to maintain boundaries concerning certain aspects like workplace viz personal space and work-life viz personal life. It creates confusion and discomfort when any of these compartments are not in order. Therefore, to avoid these compartments overflowing, one can follow these ways to have a happy work life.

  1. Think and prioritize – this is like a stepping stone for everything that we do in life. Likewise, your work-life should not be treated any differently. Start by setting up your priorities at work, what you expect from the job, superiors, colleagues, personal goals, etc. It can start with “identifying your work style” or the way you make reports and organize your desk.
  2. Communicate – Once you are clear with prioritizing your expectations, you should be able to convey them to the people around you so, that they know about your likes, dislikes, the way you want to be treated, etc. You will be surprised knowing how communicating will not offend people.
  3. Make a schedule for the day- mark your calendar on teams, and update your status on slack. This way your co-workers will know about your availability for a given day and then you won’t feel interrupted when you are having your productive tasks aligned.
  1. Learn to say no- don’t be afraid of saying no to your co-workers when you have your obligations to cater to. Being a people pleaser and neglecting your feelings can make you feel bad. So, take a note and tell them to reschedule if you have to catch up after work, or tell them that you will reach out to them once you are through with a task and most importantly, that you will not be available for work post-work hours.
  2. Take breaks and time-off- In this hustle culture, people have now started feeling guilty when it comes to taking time off as they fear that others will consider them incompetent. But listen to your mind and body, they know better as to when you want your “me time” and when to get going. So, take that trip guilt-free and it will only make you healthy!

In addition to this, covid-19 did no good to any of us, it made our work-life balance miserable. So, if you think that your work nature is so that you can do it remotely and the efficiency aspect is not hampered then ask your superior to take it up to the management to have a policy of flexi-time structure or working in a hybrid model. As it all comes down to your well-being should be well meant!

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