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Fun activities to keep a toddler energetic

by LittleYouKnow

Raising a toddler has its own set of happiness and challenges. Every parent wants to become the best parent for their children and provide them with the utmost care, love, and affection. A parent has to start prepping up for several roles that they will assume in this beautiful yet challenging journey of raising a toddler.

For parents to see their babies become a toddler is just like a blink of an eye. Parents are always in the search to look for ways to keep their toddlers engaged and focus on their holistic development. So, let us discuss some ways to keep a toddler energetically engaged.

1) Playing with blocks and leggo – we all have played block games in our childhood, so it is the classic way to get your toddler started with learning new things. Blocks can help your child to learn alphabets, colour names and even make shapes with them. You will be amazed by their creativity in what they make with blocks and leggo.

2) Guess game – this game will develop and sharpen your toddlers’ thinking capabilities. For instance, take a bucket fill the bucket with tools or things that are used on a day-to-day basis

Like keys, wallets, books, spectacles etc and then ask your toddler to guess who it belongs to and for what purpose it is used. This way they will remember little things in your household and would know the purpose of them. You can also introduce different concepts around remembering their address, your occupation and general information.

3) Stick-on collage – all you need to do is tape a chart paper and ask your toddler to draw or colour things on the sticky notes and paste them on the chart. Your toddler will love using their imagination to draw and colour things and the joy of sticking their masterpiece!

4) Considering the age bracket of 0-5, your kids as they move to the upper limit of the bracket would require more physical activity. So, one should not restrict their children to indoor games but they should allow space for them to discover their own play! Give them a ball and let them play in the backyard or playground. This way they will also make friends and will play games like kicking the ball, passing the ball etc. They will bond and develop various muscles and sensory responses to their environment.

5) Dance all the way with your toddlers – turn on the volume and play some good groovy music and you will see a big smile on your toddler’s face. They will start grooving to the beats of the song and invent their own step. It will be a treat for your eyes! Join them and bond with them as they will get to know about different beats and footsteps!

These are some ways that parents can try to keep their energetic toddlers happily engaged and which will focus on their holistic development. This way they will consume their energy juices to learn something each day!

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