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Ways to effectively brainstorm

by LittleYouKnow

Brainstorming is the foundation of extraordinary things Brainstorming is a conscious exercise to solve a problem or make a decision by thinking of as many ideas as possible or looking at a problem differently and then coming up with solutions to best solve it. Brainstorming is an effective mental exercise that can bring about good results. It is not rocket science but when should know how to effectively do it so as to not waste time looking at things that are redundant.

So, here are some ways through which one can effectively brainstorm

  1. Brainwriting – It is a very creative way and supports the concept of less talking and more observing. Here what individuals can do is write down their initial thoughts about the topic on which they need to brainstorm and after a while pass them on to people who are involved in the brainstorming process. This way people can add additional points to your ideas and you can add to theirs. This circulation method gives room for creative thinking and encourages team spirit.
  • Figure storming – In this method, people can pick up a known real figure who is not present in the room or a fictional character and try to think from their perspective as to how they would approach the idea. This method allows one to think in a different way than what they usually do because as humans we tend to think in a similar fashion unless and until we make conscious efforts to think differently.
  • Rapid Ideation In this method, people can write down every possible idea they think of in a set time limit before the discussion round. When people feel the urgency to do a task, they feel to better do it and then eliminate the basic ideas that would not yield much. People write all the possible scenarios before the discussion happens and they then feel more confident. This also cuts down the time and overthinking element of ‘what will the others think of this’.
  • Round-Robin brainstorming – In this method, all the people involved in the brainstorming process need to contribute a minimum of one idea and no one is allowed to say that my idea was already said, or I thought of the same. Each participant will be given time to further think of ideas and this will discover narrowed-down ideas with enhanced points.
  • Change of scenery –  This is a very creative and effortless method as compared to others, as it involves changing the physical setting of the place where people usually brainstorm. Like one can decide to go to a restaurant and then talk about the ideas. This breaks the monotony of thinking in the same fashion as when one sees the same things repeatedly, they tend to think in a set pattern. A change of location can lighten peoples’ moods and motivate them to think creatively.

These are some methods through which people can effectively brainstorm without wasting much time as to how to go about it. A good thing to remember is not to overthink as there is a fine line between overthinking and brainstorming. Overthinking leads to negative outcomes like self-doubt, and low morale whereas, whereas brainstorming can help people to achieve their goals effectively and efficiently. Try these methods next time when you get a project or a task!

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