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Things to remember before getting a pet

by LittleYouKnow

Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by fur balls all day long? Gushing cuteness with their cute little paws can make everyone fall in love. It’s like having a companion who is going to be by your side no matter what, a true and loyal floof! Someone rightly said that pets are a language of love and are the most loyal friends. What is it that we did to deserve such selfless and unconditional love? To think about that one should also think about what is it that one must do to reciprocate the same amount of love, care and affection to them who can only understand our care as a language. Pets deserve the same amount of respect as any human would do.

They are your go-to friend when you have a bad day or want someone to be around and to have them around calls for a great responsibility So if you are planning to have a pet then these are some things which you should consider before welcoming 4 paws of happiness.

Expense– it’s mandatory to think about the monetary aspect before getting a pet as it is not just restricted to getting them, but it is much more beyond that because they are going to be a new member of your family and would require the same treatment. Think about all the costs related to their food, vaccines, grooming, regular check-ups etc. Take an estimate about the yearly expense that you would need to incur.

Time– It’s not just the money that you need to think about its also the time that you will have to invest in raising them. If you aren’t calling a professional trainer then you would need more time to train them for their excretion aspect. One should think about the kind of pet that will most resonate with their lifestyle for ex- dogs require more time in terms of walking and making them indulge in activities that will make them active. On the other hand pets like cats, hammocks, birds etc require less time.

Space– Think about your place, whether it has ample space to accommodate a pet? Can you make some adjustments and make a room for your pet? If the answer to your question is no then don’t think of getting a pet because it is an imperative factor. Your pet will be needing space for its bedding. You will need to store their belongings like a food bowl, water bowl, clothes and other utilities. All these things account for a considerable amount of space.

Cleanliness– Are you and your family members on common ground in terms of having a pet around who will shed almost everywhere they sit? Pets have a natural tendency to shed their hair wherever they go, and the hair gets stuck onto the sofa, bed and other places.  In addition to this think about how you would clean the home after they come from a long muddy walk? So, it’s always good to invest in a good vacuum cleaner or special devices to tackle the shedding problem. Other pets that require less space and generally roam in confined places call for less maintenance.

Availability– It should not be the case that you leave your pet all alone at home when you go out for a long period as pets have a profound impact emotionally. They feel alone and develop certain fear. So, you would need to think about alternatives in terms of your availability and also the places you plan to take your pet along with you.

All these points come down to just one thing, that is, are you ready to take the responsibility to dedicate your time, efforts, and energy to raising a pet?  Ask yourself is this a temporary decision or if you are physically and mentally ready to provide for the pet. If you think you have got it all right then go ahead and bring a life home and love all the way!

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