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Ways to maintain discipline during work from home

by LittleYouKnow

Watching an alternate version of our lives unfold, where we are stuck at home 24/7 did scar the most of us. Not only did it blur the lines between professional and personal lives but it also ended up taking a toll on our health. Working from home may have sounded pleasing in the beginning because of comfort but it is not the case anymore. 

Most of us got deviated from our usual disciplined lives and became careless. This was directly affecting productivity and work which was becoming a hindrance.

Discipline is essential to maintaining sanity and focus which is why we have compiled a few ways to help you stay on track. 

  • Maintain self-discipline

While it may sound tempting to stay in bed and take calls or work from the couch but it is not a great idea in the long run. Stick to a disciplined routine that does not include deviating from your usual tasks. Do not succumb to your bad habits as this can affect your lifestyle. Keep your timeline and tasks a priority. 

  • Assign a separate workspace

Having a particular workspace to use every single day is a necessary dose of habit. Working from your bed or the couch is a big no considering it can form into a habit easily. Use a desk or a separate corner and keep all your work or study material there. Keep it organized so that you look forward to working there in peace every day. 

  • Maintain boundaries

Establish some ground rules and make sure to stick to them. Maintain boundaries for every little aspect like routine, food, clothes, etc. Also, try not to mix up your personal or professional life like overworking yourself. Assign another part of the day for exercising, getting fresh air, house chores, etc. Maintain strict boundaries without distractions so that you have an established day. 

  • Avoid distractions

Keep yourself away from social media, phones, temptations, etc. Getting carried away with devices while the work is piling up would do no good. Set a separate time to use applications, talk to friends, and for your other chores. This would keep your head clear and focused. 

  • Monitor progress

It is essential to stick to goals and tasks. Track your progress with a rough sketch. Check how much time each of your tasks has required and if it can be completed more efficiently next time. Monitor your deadlines, progress, and completed chores. Analyzing your performance and progress would push you to strategize better in the future. 

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