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Ways to grow your friend circle

by LittleYouKnow

At the very least, the year 2020 has been marked by a significant societal constriction. Staying inside, sticking to our household shells, and meeting up with no more than five individuals have all been taught to us at various times. When mingling is permitted once more, we may find that our social abilities have vanished. We may want to go out and meet new people. However, how do you do it?

Connect the dots using connectors.

Connecting with someone through whom you will meet many other people is a terrific method to broaden your social circle. Those “connectors” are the ones who have thousands of Facebook friends, throw parties whenever they can, and constantly appear to be surrounded by a large group of people.

These are often really open people who are much simpler to connect with than you might believe. They may not have the time to develop a meaningful bond with you, but they enjoy meeting new people to add to their social circle.

Make new acquaintances constantly

Always being on the lookout for new people to add to your network is a terrific habit to have. In reality, not everyone you meet will become your buddy, and not everyone you already have will remain your friend indefinitely. This is why I always say that if you don’t make new friends, you’re making fewer friends.

I propose going to settings where it’s simple and appropriate to approach anyone and introduce yourself. It’s best if you go to venues where other individuals are also interested in meeting new people. Trade exhibitions, opening nights, galas, cultural or charitable events, seminars, and presentations are all examples of events to consider.

Create a reputation as a valuable giver.

You must “hook” people while meeting a large group. Nothing attracts more than a giver’s mentality. To begin, fully listen to what they have to say and put yourself in their shoes; view the world through their eyes. Second, be open to sharing personal experiences, contacts, or fast advice on the topics being discussed.

When you meet new people, certain psychological principles govern whether they desire to meet you again. On a subconscious level, this is effective. The giver-taker mindset is one of the most fundamental ideas. You won’t be able to connect with them if they perceive you simply care about yourself.

There are two methods to display a generous mentality. The first is to truly listen to what people have to say, to imagine the world through their eyes, and to express your thoughts on their tales and situations. The second option is to demonstrate that you’re willing to share comparable experiences or connect them with someone who can assist them.

Now, think about the kind of friends you’d like to have ahead of time.

Do some planning before you start spending more time establishing friends. Determine the type of folks you want to hang out with. Make a list of qualities, personality traits, or hobbies that you admire, and don’t be afraid to be a little more ambitious than usual. This is crucial because it allows your mind to swiftly determine whether or not someone you encounter is a good match for you.

Giver, intriguing, fun, ambitious, honest, loyal, curious, and reliable are some attributes to start with. You can add more people if you want, and you can also construct a list of activities you’d like to undertake with your new pals. These lists will not be exhaustive, but the clarity they provide will save you a great deal of time and aggravation. I also suggest that you spend some time understanding friendship and how it functions.

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