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Ways to calm your toddler during a meltdown

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Is your toddler showing temper tantrums? It is part of growing up. While you are in the mall with your toddler, and they suddenly demand something that you do not want them to have, you suddenly find your child has this temper or meltdown at that time. Now how will you respond to that? Why does this even happen? How can you prevent these? You can learn about these things from this article!

Why does it happen?

Tantrums are a normal part of childhood; it happens when your child is frustrated. It can be because your child cannot complete some task or figure out something. They may not be able to express their feelings in words, and that is when it triggers.

They do not plan to frustrate or irritate the parents; it is their behavior. But you can prevent that by learning some new ways.

How can you prevent that?  

Here are some ways you can consider helping your toddler during the meltdown.

Try to ignore the situation.

The first thing you can do when your child throws a tantrum is to ignore them. But if you are physically endangering someone, then do not. If you give more attention to them, that will become routine behavior; they will do that again. You should leave them alone for a few minutes by walking out of the room.

Let your child be angry.

Sometimes it is good to let your child be angry. It is one of the best approaches as the child will get all their feelings out, and then they can pull themselves together. Then, once they are complete with all the yelling, you can hug them.

Do not yell at them

You are the role model for your child, and if you yell at them in that situation, it can go wrong. That is why you need to control and refrain from yelling at them. You can talk to them because they feel angry or frustrated, and you need to help them stay calm.

Handle their aggressive behavior

If your child is behaving aggressively, such as hitting, biting, or throwing things, then it is the situation that you need to handle immediately. You need to clarify that they cannot hurt anyone, and if they do, then it is not acceptable. You need to stop them immediately because that will become a problem later if you do not.

Distract them

Another thing that you can do is distract them. If they are making a scene in a public place, you can take them somewhere else. At home, you can ask them to paint. When you do that, the child’s mind will go somewhere else, which will help you.  


If you consider these things, you will be able to help your toddler with these problems. But you should not do anything that will make them believe that they can behave like that again because that will become a habit with them even when they grow.

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