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Ways to maintain your individuality even after marriage

by LittleYouKnow

Getting married? Congratulations! Marriage is exciting and life-changing. It beats all the monotony that would have been surrounding you. Be confident, delighted, and hopeful while entering into a marriage!

It is said that most women give up their choices after marriage. Due to the pressure of managing their husband, children, daily household chores, etc., and becoming a “perfect wife” or a “perfect daughter-in-law”, they forget their individuality. Though it may not disturb you at the beginning of the marriage, it becomes highly frustrating and upsetting after a few years.

This is why it is strongly suggested that maintain your individuality even after marriage. Here is how.

Do not give up your career

Though it may tempt you to come out of your professional commitment and enter into a simple and easy house life, think hundred times before giving up your career. Setting your home, the way you would have dreamt about, giving your children the best values, not compromising on taking care of the elderly, and other thousands of reasons might push you to leave your job. Think of the ways such as hiring a nanny for kids, nurse for the elderly, maid for domestic chores, etc. instead of crashing your career forever.

Do not stop pursuing your hobbies

Do you like to paint? Has your painting kit been lying unused for several years? Not an uncommon scenario in marriage! Most women give up their hobbies of singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, photography, and much more. Even if you are not planning to make your hobby your profession, ensure to pursue your interest. It is like a stress buster and gives you a feeling of self-esteem.

Plan frequent trips with your girl gang

Where is your gang of girls from college? Are you still in touch with the women from your older professional organization? Plan trips and nights out with them. Break the monotony and have some fun. Groove to the dance floor and enjoy the time of your life.

Indulge in self-care

Life keeps getting busier and the children will keep asking for more of your time. But you should make a point to always carve out some time for yourself. It is essential to treat yourself well and indulge in some personal care routine. Giving time to yourself enhances your own importance. Take time out to exercise at home or the gym, do yoga, go for a bubble bath, get an aromatic massage, schedule a manicure or a pedicure session at the salon, buy yourself flowers, and a lot more. In other words, pamper yourself and let the child in you stay alive and kicking.

Space out

Giving and expecting some space from your spouse is not a bad thing. It strengthens the relationship. The two of you need to have your own space. You both can go to your respective places for some peace and calmness. Think about what you want to do or how you want to treat yourself. Discuss with your partner. Create your retreat. It will not only benefit you psychologically and mentally but will also give you a sense of independence and confidence.

Be who you are

If you do not agree with your partner’s views and opinions, say it! It is important to express your views and convey that you don’t agree with them. You need to stop nodding politely at everything. Everybody is different and everyone can have their own thought processes. You can have your views about something and you cannot be stopped conveying the same. It will not only generate self-actualization but will also allow your partner to expand their thinking.

These tips will ensure a better life and a content marriage, as you progress towards the relationship. Give it a thought!

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