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Things to remember on a first date

by LittleYouKnow

Having butterflies in your stomach when your first date is lined up, is quite normal. Excitement, nervousness, delightfulness, and tons of feelings get mixed up before the date.

If you have been overthinking and need some “Go-to advise” for your big day, then here is what you need to consider.

  • Relax

The first thing you need to do is to relax! Though it is nice to be zealous about your first date, many people end up screwing all of it due to over-excitement.

  • Be yourself

Be nice, be polite, be generous! But do not lose your individuality. Do not become another person. The fabrication does not go a long way. You need to maintain your personality for your successive dates too, isn’t it?

  • Pick some goodies

It would be nice to take a small little gift such as flowers, cookies, or candies on your first date especially if you are a male. It creates a nice and gentle impression and most of the girls like surprises. However, ensure not to overdo it. Do not invest in buying an expensive gift. It will not only empty your pocket but might also lead to a wrong impression.

  • Talk and Talk

Do not go to a movie or an activity center like an adventure park, etc. on your first date. The first date should be all about conversing and knowing each other. So, schedule your first date in a restaurant or a café or maybe in a garden, where you two can talk in length.

  • Prioritize friendship and not love

Since it starts with friendship, do not rush towards falling in love and revealing your feelings. Many people fall in love badly on their first date, and develop a lot of hope. You are not going on your first date to fall in love. Just try to know the person better.

  • Have fun

The first date is not a serious thing. Take it easy and have fun. Crack jokes, talk light and create entertainment. Most people appreciate a nice and gentle sense of humor. Probably humor is one thing that will connect the two of you better!

  • Select a nice place

First dates are special. Hunt for a nice and cozy place for the date. It would be best if you can take your take to a tried and tested place so that you are confident about the ambiance, the food, the service, etc.

Also, ensure not to go to an overly expensive place, even when you can afford it. These days, the culture of splitting the bill on the date is on the rise. The girl may want to pay for her expenses, and you need to ensure that the check is comfortable enough for her to pay off.

  • Manage odour

This one is an extremely essential tip for all you boys and girls. Any kind of odour such as body smell, mouth odour, or shoe smell, must be handled well. Ensure to wear a perfume that stays for some time. Also, use a mouth freshener to manage mouth odour like food or cigarette. It is also advised that you wear new socks for your date to avoid foot smell.

  • Do not use the phone

It is recommended that you put your mobile phone on silent mode while you are on a date. It doesn’t look nice to keep checking your messages, WhatsApp, social media account, etc. If your date does not put his or her phone aside, then it shows how much they are interested.

This was an exhaustive checklist for your first date, and we wish you all the very best!

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