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Refreshing ice tea recipes to use today!

by LittleYouKnow

The warmth of summer is set to knock at our doors, but are you summer-ready? What is the best combination of tea that hits up to mind during hot summers? Let us guess you will get an eternal dose of ice tea for sure. Now, you can thank us later for bringing the best bunch of refreshing ice-tea recipes. So, stay ready to beat up the heat of the season like never before and set your hands right away to make your favorite ice tea in new avatars.

Mint Blackberry Ice Tea

There is no sign of doubt that the ultimate relaxation of summer sync directly with the mint leaves. Now, imagine what if you combine that heavenly freshness with the flavor of fresh blackberries in your tea? Yes, think no further; add ½ cup of blackberries, 2 tablespoons of tea or you might use your tea bag, 3 to 4 mint leaves with 2 cups of hot water, and let them settle for a while. Now, refrigerate, and your mint blackberry ice tea is at your service.

Peach Ginger Perfect Ice Tea

Can you think about preparing an ice tea with ginger and peach? Trust us; this recipe will exceedingly rejoice in your tastebuds. So, all you are supposed to do is, boil 2 cups of water, add tea as per your taste, now 3 ginger slices and 1 pitted peach, and simply wait for the magic ahead that will break all the records of the best ice-tea option in the world.

Lime And Coconut Captivating Ice Tea

The tender flavor of coconut comes with no replacement, but what if you turn it into your most-loved choice of ice tea? Celebrate your summers with the ice tea recipe and start preparing it with hot water, boiled with tea. Later 2 sliced lemons and top them up with coconut water. That’s all, enjoy it after refrigerating and relish the valuable peace of life.

Lime Moroccan Miracollous Ice Tea

Are you a forever lover of Moroccan leaves? If your answer is a yes then it’s time to expand your love beyond your expectations. Leave the world behind and treat your summers with a refreshing cup of Moroccan honey tea while being in your home’s comfort. Just boil hot water and blend it with your kind of tea, then add life to it through Moroccan leaves plus squeezed lemon and you are all set to feel the crux of summer.

Jalapeno Strawberry Spectacular Ice Tea

Yes, we called it spectacular for a reason because it carries the essence of juicy strawberries topped up with Jalapeno. This recipe is made for ice-tea lovers who wish to experience unique flavors. But, more than that, Jalapeno Strawberry hits straight on the fancier side. So, simply add keenly chopped Jalapeno to the hot water with tea. Now, add ½ cup of strawberries and let it rest for some time. Once it’s cool down, refrigerate and your newly explored version of ice tea is ready.

Final Words

Hopefully, these ice tea recipes will redefine the fun of summer only for you. Whenever you proceed to try any of the above-specified recipes, make sure you move ahead with the right proportion. Also, you can adjust the taste of sugar as per your preference. So, hurry and relive the symphony of summer while treating your tastebuds.

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