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Finest types of green tea to try out

by LittleYouKnow

With a lot of health benefits, green tea is known to have anti-inflammatory properties along with many minerals that benefit our health. Teas have a decent amount of caffeine without being as harmful as coffee. It releases dopamine and boosts the working of our brain.

All around the world teas of different kinds are made with a wide variety of flavours from sour to sweet or spicy to tangy with numerous health benefits. So let’s have a look at some of the finest options available.

1)Matcha green tea

We all saw matcha as a huge IG trend, there are so many caffeine addicts who switched to this great option, with properties the same as coffee it provides various more nutrients to the body. 

The gorgeous green colour that matches has peace to eyes and heart. Nature’s beauty in a cup.

2) Organic Ginger Green Tea

If you want all the nutrients and benefits a tea/coffee has but don’t want the caffeine, don’t worry we got your back. This tea has all the possible health benefits and is also known to cure flu etc. Our mom wasn’t wrong when she said ginger shots with turmeric will make your cough fly away and heal you in the best possible way. This organic tea is something your body craves to have. 

3) Kashmiri Kahva Tea

Kahva is a green tea made with mild spices, almonds and saffron. It is a part of Kashmiri cuisine. In the freezing cold temperature, Kashmir has this tea that provided warmth and nourishment to the body. The fragrance of this tea is to die for. And the saffron colour with an aroma of cinnamon, cardamom and Kashmiri roses is blissful.  Next time you think of trying out a new kind of tea, Kahva it is.

4) Mint Green Tea

We have talked about tea that provides warmth, here’s the tea that provides relaxation in the extremely hot temperature. Mint tea, with the mind, has calming properties that relieve the heat of our body and refreshes us thoroughly. It aids indigestion, helps reduce menstrual cramps and also helps in weight loss. With a mild aroma of mint just its fragrance makes you want to drink this tea.

5) Chamomile Tea

When added to hot water, Chamomile Tea is really great for stress relief. It has soothing properties. This tea is considered to be the top pick of all green tea lovers. It is super rich in antioxidants and helps lower the risk of heart disease. This tea is great for people with insomnia or someone who suffers from sleeping issues and this tea is also a sleep inducer.

6) Lemongrass Tea

Great detoxifier, this tea is a cleanser for the inner and the outer body. This is also helpful to clear up your skin and remove any blemishes or acne scars. Simply apply cool tea to your face regularly. 

7) Albanian mountain tea

With all the benefits tea offers this helps to build a stronger immune system, cures indigestion, mildly helps with anxiety and increases sexual vitality. This tea is wholesome and yummy and has a sweet flavour to it.

So here are some of the finest picks for teas, if you are looking to reduce your caffeine content or simply just try new teas these are great options either way. All the above-mentioned teas are great to enhance your wellness. 

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