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Mystery Novels To Add To Your List

by LittleYouKnow

Reading a mystery novel might be the best idea if you are a fan of reading. It will not only distract you but will also reduce stress and improve your attention span. You will never know when it will become a hobby. You never know what will happen when you turn the page, it could be an exciting story, or you may be wondering who the culprit is.

But the best thing is that these novels always work for any mood. 

So, if you love reading mystery novels, you should look over the list of some fantastic mystery novels that you must read.

  • Dead Until Dark

If you are a fan of True Blood, a TV show, you will love this novel. It is the series from Sookie Stackhouse Novel in which the center of attraction is the telepathic barmaid in Louisiana, and she ends up tangled with the local vampires. You may think it is a lighter fare, but it is one of the most entertaining novels you can find.

  • The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep is one of the best mysterious strays, which was the idea of Raymond Chandler. The novel is not much about the twisted plot but more about the characters and the atmosphere. But it is not like the other story; in this, Carmen Sternwood, the second daughter of the wealth general, was blackmailed, and to know about that, you need to hire the Private eye, Philip Marlowe. After that, he digs into the business, and the story gets more complicated.

The works in this book are complex; there are multi-face characters and are rich in language. When you read the book, you may not get much awareness about who has done that. But once you start reading, it will be hard for you to put the book down.

  • In Cold Blood

Based on a true-crime investigation, The Cold Blood is a novel. The novel is known as among the best-seller that you can find throughout history. Although it might seem that the mystery has been removed from the novel since the case has been solved, that is not true.

The investigation in Kansas has been so meticulously followed by Truman Capote. Aside from interviewing himself, he also interviewed the murderers before they caught them. As you read this book, you’ll recognize that there are many twists and turns, and you’ll enjoy it.

  • Gone Girl

Gone Girl is an incredible novel that includes the mystery puzzle for the modern media age. Amy, the wife of Nick Dunne, has disappeared suddenly, leaving Nick suspicious. Everyone believed that somehow Nick was responsible for that, even their parents, neighbors, and investigators.  

Nick even did not know how her wife saw him and how little he knew about her when he heard all the stories from her friends. Nevertheless, the novel is worth reading, where you can experience reading the unreliable mind of the narrator.

Wrap up!

Mystery novels have evolved, becoming more complex and more enthralling enough to hold your attention until the bitter end. A good mystery is certainly a core component of a good novel.

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