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Easy and delicious nachos recipes

by LittleYouKnow

On a Monday evening all irritated we need some easy snacks to not just feed our stomachs but most importantly our souls. Nachos are the best escape for that happiness. Full of flavour it is absolute magic.

Here are some quick and tasty recipes you should try, I bet this would become your comforting food.

Recipe 1:

Just 3 ingredients to make this super easy dish. This gets made within a bowl without any hassle of you washing too many dishes.

Firstly add Tortilla chips and some cheese(grated or sliced whatever is available) and season it with some dried herbs and chilli flakes. Microwave for 30-34 seconds and boom it’s done. 

This literally takes 2 minutes to be made and directly touches the soul. This recipe is so simple that you can try making it with your kids.

Recipe 2:

This next recipe is for all the gravy and cream lovers out there. If you love to have cheesy food. You’re going to love this one.

Add any nachos of choice to a bowl, add cheese to it, that add liquid cheese in the same bowl with some salt and pepper along with some fresh basil leaves. Serve hot 

You’ll not regret this. With the creaminess of liquid cheese and crunch of nachos. This is a great party snack or maybe something you’d not share with anyone else but just you.

Recipe 3:

Basic avocado toast is too basic. Let’s elevate it. 

Simply toast up your bread and add a ripe avocado over it along with some salt and pepper then add some crushed nachos(don’t be shy to add a little more) and your favourite dip/sauce. Enjoy it freshly made. Great combination of crispy, soft and comforting. Perfect breakfast, isn’t it?

This is great when you don’t want just a simple toast but more than that.

Recipe 4:

 Basic cheese Nachos with a sunny side up.

After making the standard 2-minute nachos, by just adding nachos, cheese and flavouring to a bowl and microwaving it for a few seconds

Simultaneously fry an egg in a pan from just one side keeping the sunny side up. Place the egg over your nacho bowl and enjoy sizzling hot.

Recipe 5: 

The Indian in us could not resist this recipe. Delicious Nacho Chaat that will be impossible to look away from. 

Finely chop up some onions, tomatoes, and green chillies then add some spices like garam masala, and chaat masala along with salt and peppers, then add nachos and squeeze some lemon over it and mix well. Eat it as soon as you make it to make sure you get all the crunch without the nachos being soggy.

This will satisfy the Indian in us that craves spiciness, crunch, and tanginess all at once.

Recipe 6:

Mashed potatoes with nachos

Make some creamy mashed potatoes and top them up with your favourite tortilla chips.

This is a perfect dinner recipe when you want to make something tasty but don’t have enough time and energy to cook a long dish.

Do try these super yummy and quick recipes. The joy after eating any of the above-mentioned recipes is unreal and they are absolutely worth a try. Packed with flavours all these recipes are great to satisfy your instant cravings.

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