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Best poses for Instagram-worthy pictures

by LittleYouKnow

Posing Instagram pictures is one of the most difficult tasks! If you’re shooting photos in public, chances are you’ll be scrutinized, it’ll be hot or cold, there’ll be a lot of pressure, and you won’t know how to pose. You have been to some of the most spectacular sites on the planet, but when it comes to a nice Instagram pose, you are at a loss. After all, taking good pictures to pose on social media when traveling is a must.

So, how should you posture for Instagram to ensure you receive the greatest shots? Or you still are in search of some poses that can get your picture some attention. Then you are in the right place because here you will read some tips on how you can make your Instagram pictures worthy.

How to pose for Instagram?

You always wish to make your Instagram pictures look awesome to your followers. And a good pose can do that for you. So, end your quest here and read on go find some best Instagram-worthy poses.

  • One Foot Forward: When someone takes your picture, the most natural stance is to stand with your feet straight down. However, by stepping forward with one foot, you not only give your body a natural curvature, but you also give the picture movement and interest.
  • Move Ahead Without Fear: Getting the ideal image while moving might be difficult. You’ll almost certainly end up with a few outtakes that will make you laugh for days. However, simply adding movement to an image makes it more intriguing and appealing. Be yourself and move like you normally would in real life.
  • Front and Center: Sitting is usually a pleasant posture to be in, and it can result in a fantastic shot. When you’re at ease, you’ll appear and feel more natural in front of the camera. So, grab a seat and settle in.
  • Large step back: Allow your landscape’s surrounds to take center stage. Step back to reveal the scene to whoever is snapping your photo. Not only will this provide variety to your Instagram feed, but it’s also easier to appear good from a distance – there are fewer things to worry about.
  • Get a Prop: Half the struggle is sometimes just deciding “what should I do with my hands.” “Where should I put my hands?” You must have asked this yourself numerous times. Grab a prop of any sort to create a more natural-looking photo that isn’t as manufactured. A coffee, a camera, a book, a dog, a pocketbook, or a cocktail are all examples of this.
  • Master the Selfie in the Mirror: To be honest, a mirror selfie is your best friend. It’s the simplest, most hassle-free way to get a quick outfit shot. And it turns out that your Instagram followers adore them since they consistently receive high engagement. So don’t forget about the ever-popular mirror selfie.
  • Your Best Friend Is The Sideways Glance: A go-to is a nonchalant sideways glance. You obtain a pleasing profile that is almost always flattering. Plus, it gives you the “OMG, I had no idea there was a camera right in front of my face” vibe. If you’re a true pro, throw in an effortless hair flip.
  • Look down when in doubt: You will never be disappointed by a downward glance. Everyone can benefit from it. You can always take a fast “look down” photo just in case the others don’t work out.

How to get the best pics for Instagram on your phone?

Almost half of the people use their phones to take pictures. Here are some tips on how you can get good Instagram pictures from your phone.

Make use of daylight:

An excellent photograph’s base is lighting. The most crucial guideline for shooting beautiful shots with only your phone is to learn how to use light. Instead of using your flash, use natural light to take more vibrant photos.

Your photo will be flattened and your subject will be washed out if you use a flash. Take images near windows or in well-lit areas if you can’t shoot outside. 

Avoid overexposing your photos:

Editing tools can brighten a photo that is too dark, but there is nothing that can correct an overexposed shot. Adjust the lighting on your screen to avoid overexposure: tap and move your finger up or down to adjust exposure.

 The approach to avoid overexposure is to change the lighting before taking your photo by tapping your finger on the brightest section of the frame (in this case, the windows).

Consider your perspective:

When you take a picture with your phone, you presumably hold it up to eye level and press the shutter button, right? Everyone else does the same thing. If you want to take fascinating, unusual images, resist this natural tendency.

Even when photographing a known location or topic from a different vantage point will bring new insights. If you’re feeling ambitious, try shooting from above or below, crouching low to the ground, or scaling a wall.

Don’t break your leg trying to get the ideal photo; instead, push yourself to see things differently.

Remember to be inventive.

Some Instagram photos have gotten so popular that they’ve inspired an entire Instagram account dedicated to repeating images. Don’t become too engrossed in Instagram photo trends that you forget to be creative.

You want to stand out on Instagram from other brands, therefore constantly trying to develop a unique perspective on a similar topic. This will also aid in the development of a distinct and memorable brand identity.


So now you must have noted down all the best tips and poses to get a worthy Instagram picture. So next time don’t forget to use these and get a wonderful and appealing post for your Instagram handle.

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