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Types of easy coffee recipes to make at home

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Coffee is not just any beverage, it’s an emotion. The world around you seems so much better after a nice cup of coffee. From boosting your energy to improving your mood, coffee certainly does wonders. While some people like their coffee to be strong, some like it with milk and some prefer black coffee, the best thing is that there is a coffee recipe for everyone. Cappuccino, latte, frappe and mocha are some popular types of coffee that everyone loves. Be your own barista now and make the most amazing coffee for yourself at home. 

Easy coffee recipes 

Spending big bucks on a coffee shop is not worth it when you can make the same or even better coffee at home. If you too can’t survive the day without coffee, here are some refreshing recipes for you. 


Cappuccino is probably the most popular coffee. To make this, mix instant coffee powder, sugar and a little bit of water into a large bowl. Use a hand beater to blend the mixture until it turns light in colour and becomes frothy. Once this mixture is thick, it is ready to use. Now, heat the milk and whisk it till it becomes foamy. Take a cup, add the coffee mixture and then top it with the milk and mix it well. If you want a strong coffee, add more coffee mixture and vice versa. You can even store this coffee mixture in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.  

Espresso coffee 

This type of coffee is rich and creamy and you can make it instantly. Take a cup, and add instant coffee powder, sugar and a little water to it. Start mixing this powder with a spoon and beat it till the colour gets light. Beating the mixture will take around ten to fifteen minutes so this is a nice exercise for your hands meanwhile. Once it is creamy and has a thick consistency, it is time to boil the milk and add it to the cup. Give the coffee a nice stir and top it with some cocoa powder.

Iced Latte 

Quench your thirst with this refreshing and creamy beverage. To make an iced latte, you will need a tall glass and fill it with ice cubes. You can either use strong coffee or espresso for this recipe. However, avoid using flavoured coffee as it may hinder the original taste. Now, pour the brewed coffee into the glass, add milk to it and stir it well. If you want some flavour, you can add vanilla syrup or chocolate syrup at the end. Make sure to use equal quantities of syrup and milk in the recipe. 

Cold Coffee 

From kids to adults, no one can resist frothy cold coffee. The recipe is fairly simple so you can make it at your home easily. Take a mixing bowl, and add instant coffee powder, sugar and a little warm milk to it. Keep mixing it till the sugar particles dissolve completely. Next, take chilled milk, milk powder and ice cubes and put them in a blender. After blending this, add the coffee mixture and the milk and transfer them to a glass. Mix it well, and sprinkle some coffee powder or chocolate syrup on the top. You can even add ice cream to this recipe if you want. 


Macchiato is the perfect option when you want caffeine in your body but not calories. Firstly, prepare one shot of espresso manually or make it in a coffee machine. Warm the milk, whisk it till it becomes frothy and you can see dry foam on the top. Add espresso to the cup and use a spoon to take the frothy part of the milk and place it on top of the espresso. Your macchiato is now ready to serve! 

You simply have to try out these irresistible and easy coffee recipes. 

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