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Guide for your first camping trip

by LittleYouKnow
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Camping is a great way to unwind and add to your list of adventures. However, it gets boring when you have to live the same daily life—going to work, keeping the house clean, and making dinner get monotonous sometimes. That’s why, like anyone, you might be intrigued by Camping. Open sky and fresh air always bring positivity and a sense of peace. So are you ready for this adventure?

 If yes, we would like to help you out a little. Getting the right things for the camping trip can be nerve-racking. That’s why we are here to guide you through this process. Read the post to know what essential things you should have for the trip. We will all tell you where to get the equipment quickly at the end of the post.

The Plan

But before you start packing things that you think might be useless, think and plan. First, decide where you want to go. Is it a cold region or a sunny one? What kind of issues are you expecting to face there? How many people are going?

What are the needs of each person? Are specific apparels useful for the kids? What are you planning to eat? And so on. It would be best if you asked hundreds of questions before packing. It cannot be easy, but it is also an adventure. List down the things in your mind and check the list accordingly. We have listed down some essentials that you can consider for the trip.

Essentials that should consider for Camping

Tent: This should be your first concern. Various tents are available in the market made up of different materials. Remember that this will be your home for the trip. So you will be keeping everything in the tent. Thus, it is good to buy a spacious tent if you have a lot of stuff. Basspro has a fantastic collection of tents. You will find what you are looking for in the best shape.

Tent Pegs: If you have a tent, then sure, you need tent pegs. This will protect your tent from the strong wind. In addition, it will make your tent stand firm and increase its durability.

Sleeping Bag: Camping has disadvantages for people who love sleeping on comfortable beds. Well, for a few nights, you must get a sleeping bag that will give you warmth and comfort after a tiring day. Again, Basspro is your best option if you want the best comfort level. They have sleeping bags in different materials and sizes for other people’s needs.

Pillows are essential if you want to add comfort at night. Bass pro has deluxe camp pillows. They are specially made for Camping, and that’s why they are Very lightweight. So if you have kids and want a soft pillow, get them from Basspro.

Some more essentials for your camping trip:


Like you decide on dresses for an event or party; similarly, choose your camping outfits. Travel as light as possible if you are planning a short trip or moving a lot. Pack your clothes according to the area you are going to, the climate, and the season you are traveling in. Bass Pro has everything literally. It has clothes for kids, men, and women.

Packing for winter will be different than summer. Thus, you have to have clothes as per the season. Get footwear on the same basis. Footwear should be according to your place of choice. Shoes for a hill area vs. a simple site are different. If you think it’s going to be cold, look for shoes to protect you from freezing toes.

First aid and Toiletries

Get only the essential things for yourself and your family. The camping trip won’t be without some cuts, bruises, or bug bites. You have to be ready for such things. Have the basic first aid to help you remain healthy. You might skip bathing if it’s a one or two trip. You can keep some wipes to clean yourself for that period. Keep up with your basic hygiene to avoid any infections.

Map or GPS

It is not hard to get lost in a hilly area. Just like you put on the GPS while driving, keep a map or fully charged GPS when you go Camping. Have a compass because the sun’s direction keeps changing. You might get lost in the woods and keep wandering for a long. Compass will at least provide you with the right direction. Don’t rely on your instincts. It is not necessary that what you believe will always be correct. Keeping track of where you are, along with landmarks, is a good way of finding your way back home safely.


You must have seen movies in which the camping trip involves bonfires. Some people only want to live those moments with friends or family at night. Therefore, you have the moment; you need a firestarter. You have a matchbox or a lighter. We advise you to keep both, just in case. Your matchbox might get wet (useless), or your lighter might get lost. The possibilities are endless; thus, ensure you are well prepared for your magical bonfire night.


You are going out in nature; there will be darkness and no electricity. A headlamp will be handy if you plan to put up a tent at night. Bass pro has a complete collection of lights for your trip. They have headlamps, lanterns, and flashlights; pack extra light sources. Get a charging cable as per your need. A headlamp is the most useful when doing something dark, like cooking or walking around in nature.


Shop at Bass Pro

Whatever your camping needs are, they will be fulfilled at one station- Bass pro. From basic apparel to different camping essentials, they have it all. In addition, they have tools of other qualities, range, and performance.

You can get special equipment and flaunt it in front of your friends on the trip. It will make you a pro. If you go fishing, boating, etc., find it at this award-winning destination. It was established in 1972! Yes, it’s been that long since it has been functioning, and the products have increased in quality each time.

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