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Types of refreshing lemon drinks to try out

by LittleYouKnow

Who does not like the sweet, sour, and tangy lemon drinks after a tiring day at work or after simply going out in the scorching heat? Lemon has the power to refresh both the mood and the body and get you all charged up for the summer season.

Lemon-based drinks are on the go to beat the Delhi heat. From slushies to lemon-based mocktails, coolers, and sodas one can try a plethora of lemon drinks and keep the heat in check!

Here is a refreshing lemon way to try out this summer!

  1. Classic virgin Mojitos – you can never go wrong with mojitos! Mojitos can satiate your lemon buds exquisitely. So, try all the variants of virgin mojitos like- watermelon virgin mojitos, coconut lemon mojitos, blackberry, or blueberry lemon mojitos. You can even try these at home. All you need is a good amount of lemon or lemon juice, mint leaves, sugar/ sugar syrup, choice of flavor in form of fruit or readymade mix. Add the ingredients together and add a dash of mint leaves for aesthetic and freshness.
  • Strawberry watermelon lemonade – add the sweetness of strawberry pulp to your tangy lemon concentrate or fresh lemon juice and add cubes of refreshing watermelon along with some ice cubes and voila! You have a blend of an exotic drink!
  • Fruit mock sangria – this drink is quite special on so many menus as it replicates the cocktail sangria but without alcohol! add your fresh cut fruits like – strawberries, apples, kiwi, etc to a glass of lemon juice and add a flavored soda or sprite, 7up. Give it a good stir and you will have a quick refreshing fruity mocktail to relish. For enhanced flavor you can add a pinch of salt.
  • Granny’s classic shikanji aka nimbu pani – super healthy and delish shikanji can bring you nostalgic memories of when you used to come from school and your granny or parents had the cool shikanji ready for you. To go down memory lane all you need is lemon, cumin powder, sugar, black salt, ice, water/soda mint leaves and you will have the taste of your childhood!
  • Lemon ginger mocktail – a quirky drink that can lift your mood any day! the combination of lemon and ginger brings the goodness of health. This mocktail will have a pinch of spiciness from the ginger and the tanginess of lemon to make you feel rejuvenated!
  • Fruit-infused detox water – fruit-infused water has a lot of health benefits like it holds all the nutrients of the fruits like Vitamin A, E, C, and more. It helps you keep hydrated and active during the day. So, it is recommended by the professionals that having fruits infused water can help you stay healthy. So, all you need is beetroot, cucumber, lemon or any other fruit as per your choice, cut them into thin slices and them to the water, you can also add ice, and mint leaves, and you will have a glass of nutrient-rich water!

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