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Must try outlets if you are a South Indian food lover

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Some people prefer to go to the beach, while others prefer to go to the mountains. Some people travel for the shopping history, while others travel solely for the food. Keep reading if you’re content to fall into the last category and are waiting for the appropriate opportunity to visit south India! The region is full of towns and cities that can whip up a tasty lunch; all you must do is book your flights, jump on a plane, and go on a culinary trip of a lifetime.

We rank the most incredible cuisine destinations in South India.

  1. Alleppey

Alleppey is known for its backwaters and curries, and it has a lot to offer foodies. Tapioca is a mainstay here, and it’s served in a variety of ways—steamed, fried, and even in fish curry. To get the most pleasing impression, pile your dish entire with rice and ladles of Karimeen, a widespread freshwater fish in these parts.

  1. Coorg

The Kodavas’ cuisine celebrates local products, made even more outstanding with regional ingredients. It is served at homestays and large and small eateries around the Coorg region.

Take the famous Pandi Curry, for example; the spice of the sour khachapuri fruit elevates the heavily spicy meal to new heights. Raw jackfruit and bamboo shoots are frequently seen on meal platters.

  1. Taaza Thindi

Taaza Thindi is one of Bangalore’s top-rated South Indian breakfast restaurants. The Masala Dosa and the Plain Dosa are the most popular dishes, and service is rapid. As an environmentally conscious restaurant, you must provide containers to package your meals. This eatery offers excellent value for money, with a two-person meal costing approximately Rs 100.

  1. Chutney’s

In Hyderabad, Chutneys serves one of the most delectable South Indian cuisines. Over the years, people have been drawn to the large sitting arrangement, pleasant ambiance, and mouthwatering foods served under banana leaves. As a result, chutneys are one of the few restaurants in the city where you can enjoy fantastic food at any time of day, from freshly prepared breakfast items to elaborate thalis for lunch and evening.

The menu’s headliners are the simple yet tasty South Indian cuisine. Guntur Idli, Pesarattu, and Ghee Karam Dosa are some of the highly recommended South Indian specialties that you must have at Chutneys.

  1. Dakshin 

Dakshin is one of the city’s few fine dining establishments, serving some of the region’s most cherished delicacies. This restaurant offers a memorable dining experience with its exquisite decor, impressive menu, and live music.

This restaurant will undoubtedly delight your taste buds if you wish to sample some of the region’s most flavorful cuisine. A lavish thali or individual meals from their extensive menu are available. Some of the highly recommended meals to try at Dakshin include Gunta Pongadam, Chettinad Style Chicken Biryani, Banana Dosa, Brinjal Curry, Rasam, and Masala Prawn, Fish Moilee, and Payasam.

  1. Banana Leaf, Kolkata

Banana Leaf is an authentic South Indian fine dining establishment that showcases the region’s cultural diversity. This restaurant serves various South Indian dishes that are truly authentic in flavor. They ensure that everyone experiences the essence of South India, from the food they do to the employees and the lovely ambiance.

  1. Samrat Restaurant

This restaurant, also known as ‘Hotel Chalukya,’ serves the greatest Dosa in Bangalore. The Dosa is crispy, slathered in butter and ghee, and served with a chutney. Masala Dosa and Plain Dosa are recommended dishes. After the Dosa, a cup of filter coffee soothes the stomach and helps one feel full. You might have to wait 30 minutes for a Dosa if you come here on a Sunday morning. Once the food is served, the poor service is forgotten. The cost for two persons is approximately Rs 150.

South Indian foods have a simplicity that you won’t find in any other dish. Its aroma and flavor have won people over. The most appealing yet enticing feature of Thai dish is that it makes you hungry. So, what do you have to lose? South Indian cuisine offers a wide range of flavors to delight your taste buds.

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