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Must Know Tips to Travel in Thailand From India

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Must Know Tips to Travel in Thailand From India

What more could one want than a nation that is secure, inexpensive, travel-friendly, and in close proximity to India? If you’re a first-time traveller from India to Thailand, and you’re still beset by a sea of uncertainties, allow me to provide you with all the relevant information.

Travel Advice from India to Thailand

Whether you’re travelling for a day, a week, a month, or a year, I’ll do my best to offer all the travel ideas I picked up on my first trip to Thailand.

1. Bring both cash and credit cards while traveling to Thailand

Carry both cash and credit cards when visiting Thailand. Although carrying cash is more convenient, you should also carry a credit card for further security. If you use an ATM, there will be additional costs, including a 200 baht charge from the Thai bank and foreign currency fees from your home bank.

2. Save money by travelling between March and September

If feasible, plan your travel to Thailand between March and September. During this period, it is possible to travel on a shoestring budget. Not only will you be able to save a substantial amount of money, but you will also be able to extend your stay.

3. Obtain a visa upon arrival if your journey will last less than fifteen days

Good news for short-term visitors to Thailand: visas are not required for stays of less than 15 days. Visa on Arrival (VOA) applies to all Indian travellers. Due to the importance of tourism to Thailand’s economy, the government facilitates the visa application procedure for a number of nations, including India.

4.Bring your VOA fee exclusively in Thai Baht (THB).

Remember that the VOA (Visa on Arrival) charge must be paid in Baht only. If you did not bring bahts with you, you may exchange foreign currency at kiosks in the customs hall. However, the exchange rates would be rather expensive, and it would not be prudent to exchange all of your funds there. Therefore, just exchange your VOA fee at the airport.

5. Exchange the majority of your cash at ‘Super Rich’ Exchange Service

Once you’ve paid your VOA at the airport, you should exit the airport and search for the closest ‘Super Rich’ Exchange service. You will get a better exchange rate here than you would at the airport. Super Rich is one of Thailand’s most popular currency exchange services.

Consider carrying a multi-currency Forex card.

Each time you withdraw money in Thailand using a Forex card, you will be charged 220 THB, and the maximum amount you may withdraw is 25,000 THB. This is an excellent alternative if you currently own many Forex cards. You might also swipe your card whenever feasible to prevent making further withdrawals and incurring additional fees.

7. Try the street food, particularly in Bangkok

As a first-time visitor to Thailand, you must try the local street cuisine. It is tasty, well-prepared, and full of flavour. The majority of vendors produce meals using fresh ingredients, which are consumed everyday by tens of thousands of residents. Bangkok’s street food is 100 percent safe in terms of cleanliness.

Obtain inexpensive beer at the Night Markets.

If you like beer and don’t mind an occasional drink, just visit any night market in Thailand and get some excellent beer. It will be quite inexpensive and pretty tasty.

Obtain access to real Indian cuisine in some regions.

Bangkok’s clusters of Indian eateries are located in Pratunam, Little India or Phahurat, and Silom. In these neighbourhoods, the eateries Saras, Anmol Indian Food, Chennai Kitchen, and Charcoal are indispensable.

10. Before ordering vegetarian meals, verify its ingredients.

If you request vegetarian meals at most restaurants in Thailand, you will nearly always get a dish that contains traces of meat and fish. This is due to the fact that being vegetarian in Thailand means not eating chunks of meat. Other substances, such as oyster sauce, chicken garnish, and fish oil, are regarded acceptable. Always inspect your food before swallowing it.

Don’t panic if you get your purchased items unpackaged.

Have you ever considered travelling to a distant place with little belongings? Well, you can in Thailand. No kidding. Everything here, from purses to shoes to clothing to gadgets to cosmetics to cameras, is so inexpensive that you will barely regret your purchase. Don’t worry if your belongings are unpacked.

12. Knees and shoulders must be covered in places of worship.

One of the most important pieces of advice when travelling from Thailand to India is to constantly protect your shoulders and knees. When visiting temples in Thailand, you must exercise the maximum caution in regards to your attire. You truly do not want to disrespect the locals at their place of worship by inappropriately dressed.

13. Participate at a Full Moon Party

Full Moon Parties on Koh Phangan are among the most popular evening activities in other regions of Thailand. These events are lively, dazzling, and so much fun. Try to schedule your travel around Full Moon celebrations.

14. Do not assume that all massage parlours are sexual

The fact that you are receiving a pleasant massage in Thailand does not in any way indicate that the massage has a sexual connotation. There are legitimate sites for sex tourism in Thailand, and not every massage parlour offers it.

15. Use only metered taxis.

There are metered taxis in the majority of Thai cities, mainly Bangkok. Transport-wise, ensure that you only utilise taxis with metres and not regular cabs. Other times, the taxi driver may charge 200-300 THB for a short 10 km travel.

Respect all old Thai residents tremendously.

Thailand places a premium on a hierarchical structure. Here, social standing and respect for the elderly take precedence. Therefore, one of the most important ideas for travelling from India to Thailand would be to always respect the elderly.

17. Avoid touching the heads of others in Thailand.

Touching a person’s head is considered very insulting in Thailand; consequently, avoid engaging in such social behavior. Otherwise, you will be looked down upon negatively by others.

Learn basic Thai words if you want to remain for an extended period.

You do not want the language to hinder your vacation to Thailand. Consequently, one of the ideas for travelling from India to Thailand is to attempt to learn and memorise some essential Thai words. Sawatdii signifies “Hello” Sabaidii mai means how are you? Sabaidii means I’m well. Mai sabaii translates to “I’m sick.”

A substantial portion of the Thai economy is supported by travel and tourism. Overall, Thailand is a very accessible nation, especially for first-time visitors. However, if you still having difficulties, you can visit 12Go to find out more.

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