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Movies that revolve around college life

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Movies based on college life are incredible to watch, no matter what age you are. They either make you nostalgic or make you full of hopes and dreams for the future. Some movies really leave a mark on our hearts forever with their story and characters. 

Must watch college life movies 

It is time for you to sit back and relax because we have made a list of some amazing college movies for you. Grab your favorite snacks, settle down with your loved ones and get ready to binge-watch the greatest movies of all time. 

3 Idiots 

The story revolves around three friends: Raju, Farhan, and Rancho. After their college life ends, Raju and Farhan start their journey of finding Rancho who is rather elusive since graduation day. On their way, the two friends recall their best memories of the good old days.

 Rancho is an interesting character in the story as he gives a new perception of life to everyone around him. The movie deals with the daily battles of life with humor and presents a different take on them. With endless laughs, a few tears, and a great climax, you have to see the movie right away. 

Legally Blonde 

When the famous and fashionable sorority queen, Elle Woods, gets dumped by her boyfriend, she decides to follow him all the way to law school. After she reaches college, she realizes that there is so much more to her personality than her good looks. 

Although this girl has it all, she still aligns the forces together to make law school happen. See how she discovers how law school is not easy as roaming around in shopping malls and chilling by the poolside. This movie is truly spectacular and you must watch it soon. 

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 

This epic movie is true gold in the history of Bollywood. With a stud boy and a pretty girl and a tomboy girl crushing over him, the movie focuses on the fun aspects of college life. From tears, and heartbreaks to the best times, the movie will leave your heart happy and full.

 If there is one classical hit movie that started the trend of college life in cinema, it has to be this one. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is a wholesome experience more than just a movie. Add this to your watch list asap!

Road Trip 

The story is set at the University of Ithaca where the tour guide tells the students the story of his friend Josh. Since childhood, Josh and his girlfriend Tiffany made vows of always being together. When an attractive blonde, Beth enters the picture and hooks up with Josh, things go a little haywire. 

They videotaped their intimate moments and Josh accidentally shares a video with his girlfriend that he was not supposed to send. Josh and his friends immediately go to Austin where Tiffany lives and stop her from seeing the videotape. 

Wake up Sid 

This extraordinary movie accurately represents the true emotions of college students. It shows how confusion, anxiety, and finding what you wish to do in your career are some things that are always on the minds of students. Sid, who fails his last college exam is lost in life and forced by his father to join the family business. 

However, Sid has some other plans and he starts his journey of exploration. The movie wonderfully shows the journey of Sid from a dependent and spoiled brat to a self-sufficient person. From the story to the songs, every aspect of this movie is simply outstanding. 

There is no sign of doubt that all these movies take you to a flashback of college life like anything. So, what are you waiting for now? Turn on your LED, start binge-watching and forget the entire world behind you. 

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