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Omaze : Making wishes come true

by LittleYouKnow

You have no doubt seen Omaze’s flashy advertisements. Donating to enter a sweepstake is a win-win situation: you get to support a worthy cause, and you might just get lucky and win that trip to meet your favourite celebrity, that brand new car, or that dream house of your dreams. There’s an abundance of alluring aspects to this. You might be wondering if Omaze can be trusted. It seems unbelievable, if such a thing is possible. Can someone actually win and get away with it? Is it accurate to say that all of the money will go to a good cause? All of your questions about Omaze will be answered by a company like omaze.

Omaze facilitates fundraising for nonprofits, allowing them to keep making positive changes in the world. Omaze’s goal is to increase global generosity by tapping into the transformative power of dreams. A company like omaze achieves this by offering donors the chance to win once-in-a-lifetime experiences and dream prizes in exchange for monetary contributions to nonprofits.


Despite the popularity of social media, only 1% of UK residents currently make donations via digital channels. Our innovative fundraising strategy motivates participants to give to good causes by offering them the chance to take home life-changing prizes. Companies like omaze, which are looking into different ways to raise money for charities, aren’t in direct competition with those charities’ current funding sources; rather, they increase the charities’ overall fundraising potential.

2. Faithness

Historically, nonprofits have put their faith in elaborate charity galas that occur rarely but take a significant amount of time to plan and execute. Companies like omaze can quickly mobilise and communicate with a larger audience thanks to this fundraising platform. All this adds up to the fact that by harnessing the power of the internet, companies like omaze can crowdfund sizable new sources of funding that charities otherwise would not have access to, thereby raising more money in less time.

3. It’s durable and can be kept up for the long haul.

A large number of decent human beings live in this world. We need only unite them in order to achieve our goal. Celebrity partners are paid very infrequently by companies like omaze, and all of the campaign costs are covered in advance by omaze, so the charities that work with omaze bear no financial risk or expense. To be sure, monetary donations are crucial, but in this case, it’s also crucial to get the word out. Companies like omaze can help build a society that is eager to give to charity by adopting our model.

4. It Plays a Major Role, for Four Reasons

Our system makes auctions, a common method of raising money, more egalitarian by giving everyone a fair shot at winning a once-in-a-lifetime experience or prize. Over 350 organisations have benefited from donations made on the Omaze platform, which has been used by people from more than 180 countries. More money and attention have been brought to these organisations thanks to these donations than could have been obtained through more conventional means. Companies like omaze have managed to raise over $100 million in just eight years.

5. Everyone benefits from the situation.

In layman’s terms: our nonprofit partners will receive a monetary donation, and the contest entrants will have a chance to win some cool stuff. One thing people take away from this competition is the satisfaction of knowing that their efforts made a positive difference in the lives of others through one of our charity partners’ projects. In the paragraphs that follow, you’ll see an example of our work with Blood Cancer UK.

How much of Omaze’s earnings go to charity is unknown.

Omaze does, in fact, give money to charitable organisations. Your donation will only be partially distributed to the charity. Since Omaze is a for-profit enterprise, it must set aside a portion of the funds you send it in order to maintain its business. The breakdown in the United States differs for each sweepstakes format. Your donation to a celebrity prize will be split three ways: 60% to the charity of your choice, 25% to cover the costs of the experience, and 15% to Omaze. Other sweepstakes donate between 65% and 75% of their proceeds to charity while keeping the remaining 10% for themselves through Omaze.

In the United Kingdom, Omaze gives eighty percent of the net proceeds to the charity and keeps twenty percent. Since “net proceeds” refers to the total amount left after deducting the cost of the prizes and marketing, this does not mean that 80% of your money goes to the charity.


Keep in mind that while Omaze does give away some incredible, once-in-a-lifetime prizes, not all of the money raised goes to charity. Donating directly to the cause you believe in is the best way to ensure your contribution has the greatest possible effect.

There is no amount too small to make a difference in the world, so please consider making a donation. Giving to charity doesn’t have to mean handing over cash; you can help by lending your time or raising awareness, too.

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