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How to form a perfect winged eyeliner

by LittleYouKnow

Oh! We all know the struggle behind getting the “perfect winged eyeliner”. Eyeliners can look elegant but can be pretty tricky to pull off sometimes. Sometimes it’s too thin, too bold, and the worst part is when you get a perfect liner on one eye and ruin the other one. Too much work right? Not anymore. 

Here are some tips to get the perfect winged liner we all want to achieve so you can get it right every single time-

Tips for applying perfect eyeliner

  • Have a liner with a thin tip. This will help you achieve all kinds of liners thin, bold, etc. Also having a thin wand will give you more control over the tip of the eyeliner and also over the product.
  • Whenever you take the wand out of the tube/bottle make sure you wipe out the excess product on the tip in the tube itself. This will make sure that you don’t end up applying too much product which can sometimes lead to less perfection and smudging of the eyeliner.
  • Make sure while using your lash line as your stencil you don’t leave a space in between your lash line and the eyeliner. It looks kind of messy.
  • Outline your entire lash line. Often what people do is they stop in the middle and leave the outer corner blank.
  • DO NOT pull your eye up. This will end up not looking the way you made it as soon as you release your eyes.
  • Don’t create a curve while making the tip of your eyeliner, make sure you make a straight line.

Steps for dreamy winged eyeliner:


  • Prep your eyes well.
  • Make sure you use a concealer or an eye primer before applying the liner.


  • Outline
  • Line your lash line.
  • Hold your pen in the direction of your lash line
  • Lash Line is the stencil for your liner. It will lead the direction of your liner.
  • Move the liner along your lash line.


  • Creating a wing.
  • Visualise a straight line from the end of your eyebrow and your lower lash line.
  • Then make a wing to till the length you desire.


  • Now simply join the points.
  • Connect the wing with your upper lash line. 
  • This will roughly make a little triangle.
  • Fill in that little triangle and VOILA, you are done.


  • After your eyeliner is dried. Top it off with a similar colored eyeshadow to make it long-lasting and smudge-proof.

That’s pretty much it. By simply following the above steps and also looking at the tips provided you can achieve the perfect winged liner. This will also help you get it even on both sides as you are making the wing start from your lower lash line to the end of your brows. That means you are measuring it out according to your face shape that suits you. 

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