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Symptoms of severe anxiety

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Anxiety is something we might have experienced but never really realized. It is a worry or fear of the future. We all have felt it some time, maybe before an interview or an exam, etc. It becomes severe when it prevents you from doing good or stopping you to grow in life. 1 out of 10 people in India are struggling with anxiety and this number is rising regularly.  Here are some of the symptoms of severe anxiety –


Anxiety makes you feel restless. You can’t sit still and feel that you just want to escape from every situation be it a social interaction or just sitting with your family or friends. The worst part is people suffering from severe anxiety don’t even know how to control themselves from being so negative which in turn makes them even more restless. Often times people find themselves being physically present at a place but mentally they are overthinking all the time. They get restless without even knowing.

Difficulty in concentration

A major symptom of having severe anxiety issues is having difficulty concentrating. Our mind starts running in different directions. You don’t feel that you are present in the moment.  Lack of focus is a very common cause of anxiety. 

Eating issues

Metabolic issues or eating too much or too little is also very common in people with anxiety. This is because our bodies cannot feel hungry if it is sad. All the muscles are indulged in being sad or thinking negatively, which leads to our brain neglecting that the stomach requires food too.


People suffering from anxiety usually feel themselves in a state where they are unable to sleep. They start getting lucid dreams and nightmares which causes their body to be restless and insomniac. 

Negative conclusion-

People start thinking in a way that all the negative things that could happen in the world are happening to them and will always happen to them no matter what. A common example of this is if a person with anxiety having normal acidic pain in the body might think of it as heart disease or heart attack all the time and think that this might be the reason for his death. Or someone while crossing a road may think that a car will surely hit him.

Impairment in daily activities

Often if someone is having trouble breathing or feeling a strange heaviness in their chest for no reason, it might be a symptom of anxiety. No motivation to do daily tasks or go to work or study is also a symptom that a person might be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Even having a shower feels a lot to them. 

Migraines and muscle aches

When someone pressures their body too much that causes so many health problems already. Having migraines and muscle aches are very common. All this stress creates tension in the muscles, causing soreness in the muscles. Migraine causes too much pain to the brain but there is absolutely no self-control or focus in a person to stop thinking.

Final Words

One must self-observe these symptoms and should not be ashamed to accept them. If the symptoms last for too long, it is always better to seek some professional help this will boost not just the mental health but also the physical health and overall wellbeing of the person. Let’s break the taboo that anxiety and mental health is not an actual thing, we should accept them and make sure we as an individual are not harming ourselves or others from our actions.

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