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How to expand your business using Instagram

by LittleYouKnow

One must be living under the rocks if they don’t know about Instagram. Instagram has become the g-to platform for people to create content and portray their life events in form of reels, posts, stories, and multiple effects. From teenagers to adults everyone is using Instagram for their entertainment or business. 

Content has become the king and the rate at which content is being consumed is astounding! On average people spend 1.5-2 hours on Instagram daily and this gives room for a lot of business opportunities. Let us know about some ways one can further enhance or expand their business operations on Instagram-

  1. Bio says it all It is one of the first few things people notice when they land up on a profile. To understand a profile, look for the niche like – beauty, travel, lifestyle, etc. By having an appropriate niche and a description of your business one can increase the retention rate on the profile and people would want to know more about the business. Pro tips- to add a crisp and quirky description, important URLs like website links and reviews link in the bio or highlight section.
  1. Focus on content and it will provide you the focus- make sure you are consistent in posting content on your profile as it will increase your visibility and the chances for people to engage and further share the content with others. Pro tip- add relevant hashtags that are the best performing based on your business and add location and tag people or places.
  1. Real-time content can give you real business- indulge in live stories and reels. The more you will interact with your audience the more they will believe in you and your brand. It is a basic human tendency to feel connected if people are there and answer your concern on a real-time basis. Through creative Live Q/A sessions, one can interact with their audience and win their hearts!
  1. Organize events like giveaways, organize meet and greet and, collaborate with fellow creators, collaborate with brands to make content- these ways can surely boost the excitement level of the audience, and if you collaborate with a brand to host a giveaway or launch a new product line it Is quite natural that they will follow your business for more details which will give you the prospective leads.
  1. Reach out to influencers for promotion- the influencer marketing industry is on the rise, and it has the power to make a brand a success overnight. One good review or mention on the stories and posts can bring a huge amount of following and orders from people. For promotional campaigns, one should first decide the budget and see whether one can afford a paid collaboration or not. There are barter collaborations as well where one can provide products and services in exchange for showcasing the brand on the influencer’s profile. On the other hand, if one has the budget then they can also reach out to an influencer marketing agency and discuss their expansion plan and the professionals will accordingly work on it to get you results.

These are some ways by which one can expand their business on Instagram. As it Is no rocket science to start a business online but getting it running is what one should focus on. As the digital environment is dynamic and with the everchanging trends one should focus on their target market and its likes and dislikes and then accordingly come up with strategies to grow their brand as no one strategy would be successful for every business!

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