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Ways to use Youtube efficiently

by LittleYouKnow

YouTube is a far more potent learning tool than you may believe. Even while it’s better known for its entertainment value, it also has several educational videos from trained educators on a variety of topics. You’ll appreciate the assistance that appropriate YouTube videos may provide in your studying, especially if you’re a rookie learner in areas like music, dance, fitness, handicrafts, and so on. Here are six helpful hints for turning YouTube become your best learning ally:

Create a Playlist Collection

You may make personalised mixes of videos you like on YouTube. Make a list of all the topics and subjects you’d like to study first. Then, discover high-quality videos that expand on all these subjects and organise them into playlists. You’ll be able to immediately retrieve items whenever you want without having to search for them repeatedly.

Improve the efficiency of your YouTube searches.

On YouTube, there’s a lot of material to sift through. Use the correct terminology as well as punctuation to save time and enhance your search results, such as:

  • To find exact keywords in a specified order, use quotation marks.
  • To include or exclude findings, use the plus (+) or minus (-) symbols.
  • To ensure that you only obtain results that include all of the terms you looked for in the title, type “allintitle” before the keywords in the search box.
  • To get impressive video quality, add HD to your search term; you could also add three-dimensional objects to just get three-dimensional material.

Get the YouTube Video Looper App.

Some concepts are tough to grasp in one sitting; you may need to rewind the movie a few times to fully comprehend them. This could include learning a tough dancing routine or playing a difficult song on the guitar. Rather than manually replaying the clip, you could use a video looper tool for YouTube videos.

Always have a notebook handy

The more YouTube videos you have now in your learning library, the harder it will be to recall what you’ve learned from them. As a result, make it a practice to take notes when watching videos. You can utilize the YouTube loop tool to keep replaying the video until you’ve written down all of the key points.

Keep an eye out for succinct videos.

Whichever area you want to know about, YouTube has a plethora of videos on the subject. However, not many of these would be worthwhile. The most time-consuming video isn’t usually the most useful. Most of the time, it provides far less value than you would think. Rather than searching for all-encompassing, extensive videos, look for small, segmented clips that focus on training certain topics.

Become a member of the online community

Consider YouTube to be a forum for communal learning, in which you might give feedback, ask any questions, as well as express your opinions on the videos you view. If you ever want to engage further with the video instructor’s instruction, the video instructor may well have a distinct internet forum to which you can subscribe.

Create and share your videos

So, you’ve finally mastered the challenging tune on the guitar. However, before you go on to show off your newfound knowledge, it’s a good idea to have someone appraise your ability first. Make a video of yourself playing the song on the guitar, publish it to YouTube, and allow your instructor to watch it, analyze it, and remark on it. The same can be said for various types of learning. You can make films of yourself singing, dancing, giving presentations and demonstrations, and so on, and ask instructors and peers for feedback.

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