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Reasons to start blogging

by LittleYouKnow

A billion-dollar industry is what you are looking at when you see the nicely put blogs about almost everything. A blog is like a diary, where one can write and show things in the way they like. By expressing your feelings via writing, uploading photos or videos one can earn a handsome amount! It doesn’t require one to have a fancy set-up or equipment. Creativity is the only fuel that will keep you and your blog going. When it comes to blogging it takes a lot of effort and confidence to put forward one’s views and feelings about things. 

Some might resonate with your content and like it so much that they will promote it and on the other hand some might not like it and would be a critic. So, as a blogger, one must need to be open to constructive feedback and focus on consistency. As your consistency will make you money by being friends with what we call web algorithms! Before starting to blog one must think about how they want to treat their blog? Is it going to be for entertainment purposes or something that you want to take seriously and convert into a real business? Once you are clear with your approach the next step is to decide which niche or genre is it that interests you the most and what exactly you will portray through your content because remember content is the king! A pro tip here is to follow your heart and your passion so you won’t have to go all the way out to make content. 

After your content type is clear then your target audience will be defined. Your target audience is what will decide the rate of engagement and further monetization as content consumed by kids won’t convert into a sale but content consumed by late teens and adults would do! When all these factors are finalized then start making content, make a planner as to what you will be including in your blogs. Do a thorough study of different social media platforms.

 In today’s time blogging is meant to be one of the cheapest ways to get rich. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to leave everything for it. You can treat blogging as a side hustle and treat it like a baby and indulge in its proper upbringing because it is only then you will see the results! Think about all the influencers, you-tubers who are not just earning good but they have an avenue where their voice, idea, and feelings can be expressed. 

These aspects are invaluable and lead to a happy state of mind as who wouldn’t like to be loved by the people? Blogging can allow you to discover that side of you that you weren’t aware of! And it will only be a matter of time before you start to monetize it. One can consider blogging as their canvas and paint it as per their imagination. Through blogging, one gets to promote other brands and feel a sense of responsibility because your audience would get influenced! Blogging can further open income avenues like you could organize contests, meet and greet events etc. This will also give you a chance to network with people and grow! So, don’t be afraid to explore your creative side of yours and let the world see the magic! Because who knows this side hustle could one day become your main hustle and would make you a fortune than what a typical 9-5 couldn’t!

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