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Here is how to get a mobile phone and sim card in the UK?–A guide for international students.

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Just moved to the UK? Looking for a reliable telecom provider to get connected with your friends and colleagues? Then this guide will help you get a mobile phone and sim card with the maximum coverage across the UK. All you have to do is to sit right till the end and find out the useful resources where you can access a SIM card and a mobile phone for your stay in the UK.

In this interconnected planet of the Global era, if you are an international student who just got shifted to the United Kingdom, you might feel restless until you have some basic things settled. And this includes getting a local sim card and setting up your mobile phone number that works in the UK. The UK provides a decent 4G coverage with the widest range of mobile phone operators to choose from.

However, too many choices can heat up things and make it challenging for you to decide one particular network operator to go with. But you don’t have to worry about that because our helpful guide will help you get the right network provider to level up your productivity and make your stay in the UK as efficient as possible so you get the best out of it.

What mobile network operates in the UK?

The network operators in the UK use GSM mobile network instead of the CDMA network which means that it will not take much of a hassle for the newcomers and foreigners to connect to the locals through the wireless network.  Even if you used the CDMA network in your native country there will be no problems related to the working of your mobile phone in the UK.

If we talk about the network, the entire UK region serves 4g or 4g plus connectivity except some suburbs or rural areas including Central Wales, Scottish highlands and islands and other isolated parts of England and Northern Ireland have access to 2G or 3G network.

Public Wi-Fi is not exposed to the citizens of the United Kingdom. However, public places such as libraries, airports, stations, cafes and restaurants have Wi-Fi accessibility that is likely to be available for customers.

Will your mobile phone work in the UK?

The visitors and students arriving in the United Kingdom are able to connect to the country’s network with the only exception of the people from the countries that use the CDMA network. The countries that use the CDMA network include Japan, some states of the US and Canada.

Even if your mobile phone stops working with your arrival in the UK then it is easy to purchase a prepaid mobile on arrival from the airport itself on a fairly cheap price. Or you can also buy a world phone from your own country before leaving for travels.

If you plan to travel across the EU then unfortunately due to the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU in January 2020 the roaming charges will also be applied. So you might check up for that with your network provider.

Want a reliable network in the UK? Tesco is your only stop.

If your schedules are longer to stay in the UK, you might want to buy a local sim card and a brand new phone and there is no better place to buy them than Tesco mobile. A startup which was established in 2003, has been skyrocketing since then by becoming the number one network provider all across the European Union.

Tesco mobile provides 4G and 5G network connectivity with the fastest O2 carrier. Because of its 99% coverage all across the European Union it is trusted by the largest number of people for its quality services and exceptional support. Tesco mobile offers sim services as well as huge deals on latest smartphone brands that allows you to invest and save simultaneously.

The brands that understand the exact requirements of their customers and serve them with exclusive offers in order to get them maximum satisfaction are the only services of Tesco mobile. Given below are the services provided by Tesco Mobile on which you can expect to save big numbers off your budget.

  1. SIM plans made just for you.

Flexible sim card plans changing from 12 months to 36 months with then up front cost as well as no extra charges is something you only get a Tesco mobile. Plans starting from £7 to £30 per month, Tesco mobile offers 99% coverage of 4G and 5G network connectivity with free roaming and international calling all across the European Union region. You can buy sim card plans with all without contracts as per your need and convenience.

  1. Discounts on latest smartphones.

Whether you are an iPhone fan or love the Android tiscon mobile has got you covered with the biggest discounts and deals on the latest models of the fanciest brands so that you don’t have to compromise your traveling.

  1. Business discounts.

If you are an owner of a small business Tesco mobile has got you covered with the 40% discounts on your monthly mobile bills for your office. With Tesco mobile you get to save £50 on every additional phone line that you add on your contract for a small business.

  1. User-friendly mobile app.

If you switch to Tesco mobile you can conveniently avail every service that Tesco mobile has to offer with their user-friendly mobile app. Whether you want to check your balance, connect to customer service, buy additional data, or pay monthly bills, the mobile app of Tesco mobile has got you covered with easy to use interface and quick services.

  1. Become a member of the CLUBCARD.

To all the loyal customers of Tesco mobile it offers club card membership which allows the members to get 1 club card point on spending every £1 on a purchase. These club card points get added with every purchase enabling you to use them for your next Big purchase. You can text CLUBCARD on 28578 with your Tesco mobile phone and sign up for the inclusive club card membership.

The Takeaway

Whether you plan to travel for a week, a month or stay longer in the United Kingdom choosing a reliable telecom provider is not going to be your worry because Tesco mobile offers the widest range of flexible plans at affordable prices. In addition to that, it gives free delivery on SIM cards and mobile phones all across the UK. Check out the services on the official website of Tesco mobile and book your sim card and a smartphone now!

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