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Fast Company Honors QVC’s Innovative Qurio Social Shopping App

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A finalist in the 2022 Fast Organization Innovation by Design Awards is Qurio, a social shopping app developed by QVC UK. Fast Company is a leading business media company with an emphasis on breakthrough technology, leadership, and design. At Qurate Retail GroupSM, they consistently work to deliver exceptional customer service throughout all 7 business brands by anticipating their requirements and forging close bonds with them. They are pleased to announce that Newsweek recently acknowledged these efforts by including all 7 of their companies on either one of the two esteemed 2023 lists for America’s Best Customer Service as well as Best Online Shops.

What is QVC?

The Qurate Retail Group owns QVC, an American free-to-air television network and flagship retail channel that specializes in broadcast home shopping. It provides a wide range of goods, such as apparel, jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, and sports gear. For millions of extremely discerning consumers, they curate goods, encounters, discussions, and communities by fusing shopping and entertainment.

Their 14 television networks reach more than 200 million households worldwide, and they also reach millions more through a variety of streaming services, social media platforms, mobile apps, websites, print catalogs, and in-store locations.

Awarding Qurate Retail Group Brands 

  • Qurio is among the top three apps in the category, which recognizes initiatives that bring a business, service, or product to life, as one of only 2 finalists in the Retail Environments category. 
  • A panel of distinguished designers, editors, and writers from Fast Company, as well as executives from some of the most cutting-edge businesses in the world, chose the finalists and winners for these prestigious prizes. 
  • The judges considered entries’ functionality, originality, attractiveness, sustainability, user insight, cultural influence, and business impact when evaluating them.
  • By supplying clients with cameras and enabling them to produce and share video reviews, advice, and inspiration in a welcoming online community, the Qurio app capitalizes on word-of-mouth advertising. 
  • Since Qurio’s May 2021 launch, thousands of users have signed up for this user-driven digital discovery platform, and hundreds of users have uploaded original material to the app. To create Qurio, the QVC U.K. team partnered with the international design firm IDEO.

What were the Newsweek’s Honors?

America’s Best Customer Service 2023

It includes 676 total awards for 656 distinct brands, which were chosen based on a voluminous sample of more than 30,000 U.S. consumers who have either placed orders, used services, or obtained information about goods or services in the previous three years and who were surveyed independently. Customers were surveyed to determine whether they would refer companies to friends and family members as well as to rate them in the following categories: accessibility, customer focus, range of services, professional competence, and quality of communication. Around 200,000 client reviews were gathered in total.

The Best Online Shops 2023

After passing several assessments based on 51 objective and subjective criteria, they were found. Over 6,000 American online shoppers were polled nationwide, and each online store underwent thorough testing. Participants in the survey were asked to rate online stores based on their reliability and security, organization and accessibility, payments, purchase and shipping, customer service and communication, technical performance, and the likelihood of purchase. Only 1,000 of the thousands of online merchants surveyed were given awards across 39 different categories and 8 distinct industries.

By producing video experiences that encourage conversation, and foster human connections and trust, Qurio builds on one of QVC’s key strengths. It demonstrates QVC’s strategic effort to broaden the audience for its video commerce experiences on new media and digital platforms. Through its website, smartphone apps, and social media pages, QVC also interacts with millions of British and Irish customers. Their clients are both product and people curious. They scrutinize the material they read on social media and look for sources they consider reliable.

The October edition of Fast Company magazine, which goes on sale to the public on September 27, 2022, includes an online and print article on the winners, finalists, and honorable mentions.

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