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Crazy fashion myths that one needs to stop believing

by LittleYouKnow

Have you ever stopped yourself from wearing something just because it is not fashionably acceptable? If yes, you too are a victim of the fashion industry. There are too many rules, dos, and don’ts these days, and it is getting hard to keep track of them. Unfortunately, at some point in life, we all take fashion advice too seriously, no matter how uncomfortable, absurd or bizarre it is. Your wardrobe should be full of things that you like and the kind of fashion that truly resonates with you. 

Common Fashion Myths 

We bust myths that people made you believe. Reinvent your wardrobe with staples that you love. Let go of these restrictions and dress up. Remember the saying ‘you do you you’ and forget the rest. 

Say no to cheap clothes? 

A lot of people believe that expensive clothes mean great quality clothes. On the other hand, cheap clothes are synonyms for ordinary. This is the biggest myth because you can get the worst quality of clothes several times even after spending hundreds of dollars. Invest in affordable clothes that you can truly wear for a longer time. You do not have to empty your pockets to look fashionable. Whether you like thrifting clothes or buying them from a mall, it is your choice. If you are getting a great piece of clothing at cheap rates, there is nothing wrong with opting for them. 

Matching the outfit 

Everyone struggled to find matching jewelry, clothes, and shoes for the longest time. However, this is unnecessary because you can create the perfect outfit using different clothing staples. Not only is matching the entire outfit impractical but also very expensive. Mixing and matching is the new cool thing, and it is here to stay. Opt for neutral accessories or shoes that go with your entire wardrobe. Have fun while mixing clothes and create your own trend. Black, white, grey, and nude are some shades that compliment every outfit. 

Dressing to look slim 

If someone tells you that you cannot pull a certain outfit, cancel them from your life immediately. There are no such rules for fashion, and you definitely should not dress to look slim. Crop tops are not made for people with abs, and you can rock them easily. Moreover, the key to such outfits is balance. For instance, opt for high waist jeans with a crop top to complete the look. Flaunt your curves in clothes of your choice and let nobody tell you otherwise. Your physical appearance has nothing to do with the kind of clothes you can wear.

Following trends blindly 

One color or style is in right now; some new style will come tomorrow, and so on. It does not mean that you have to hop on every trend. Having a basic wardrobe is okay, and you should never worth about missing on these rapidly going trends. If you have a personal style, dress accordingly and do not force yourself to buy clothes that you won’t wear after a week. Such trends often disappear quickly, but you should build a wardrobe of clothes that you can repeat. Yes, you heard it right! Repeating clothes is normal because that’s the entire purpose of clothing.

Dress your age 

This is another bizarre myth that tells people to dress like their age. Who is making these rules after all? If you are a conservative dresser at the age of 21 or you like to wear cute mini-dresses at 50, it is your choice. Dress like your personality and not your age. Know yourself and see what makes you feel comfortable. From sweatpants, and jeans to gowns, there is no fashion rule that defines age-appropriate dresses. 

Burst the bubble of fashion advice and do your own thing. Get ready to elevate your wardrobe!

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