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Beautiful places to visit when you’re in Kashmir

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Kashmir is a beautiful location on earth surrounded by snow-capped mountains and shimmering lakes. The massive hills of the Great Himalayas and Pir Panjal range encompass this Indian state, which is separated into three regions: Jammu, Kashmir, as well as Ladakh. Kashmir is sometimes considered India’s Switzerland because of the numerous gorgeous sites to visit since the region is endowed with some of the most scenic landscapes worth seeing. The state boasts a long list of sights that showcase nature’s splendor now at best and that no traveler should miss.

After two consecutive lockdowns, Kashmir had also eventually resumed tourism activities. Tourists having a Covid-19 negative certificate are allowed to enter the valley to guarantee the greatest safety as well as safeguards. It’s a pleasant change after the lockdown, but make sure to observe all safety precautions and verify with both the local administration when entering this beautiful valley. So, in general, it’s a fantastic sight to visit during Covid.


Srinagar is probably one of Kashmir’s as well as India’s finest attractive and well-known tourist destinations. Srinagar has everything, from boating to trekking, and bird watching to water skiing. Srinagar also called the “mirror to the mountains,” is a must-see destination for all travelers, although there is a large list of things to see and do in Srinagar, Kashmir. The biggest city in Kashmir, this location is surrounded by green mountains, with the Dal Lake serving as the city’s crown jewel. This location provides an up-close peek at Kashmiri culture and food.


Gulmarg also called the ‘Meadow of Blooms,’ is a visual feast including its expanse of bright flowers set above snow-capped mountains. For all of the other correct reasons, Gulmarg is regarded as being one of the top tourist attractions in Kashmir. Due to the obvious numerous opportunities for skiing in the snow alongside taking in the scenery, this area of Kashmir is also renowned as an adventurer’s heaven. Winter, from December to January, is indeed the greatest opportunity to travel to Kashmir for snowfall.


Sonamarg is known as the ‘Golden Meadow,’ as its title suggests. Its charms include an uninterrupted flow of beautiful flowers as well as undulating hiking trails. Because of its enchanting ambiance and stunning scenery, Sonamarg should be on everyone’s list of places to visit in Kashmir. Summer, from May to June, is indeed the greatest chance to schedule Kashmir since the region is ablaze with multicolored flowers.


Summers in Kashmir are among the greatest and safest locations to visit. Leh is among the top tourist attractions because of its high mountains, alpine lakes, and charming surroundings. Every biker’s fantasy comes true here. Leh, engulfed in the splendour and love of nature, provides spectacular vistas that will not disappoint any visitor. While visiting Kashmir, you should go to most of the best attractions to see in Leh.


This town in Jammu and Kashmir, known as the “city of Sufis,” has southern borders bordering Punjab as well as Himachal Pradesh. Inside the city’s limits are numerous Sufi sanctuaries dedicated to Pirs. Kathua ought to be on your list of the greatest locations to explore in Kashmir if you are interested in learning about Kashmir’s heritage. Kathua, located on the banks of rivers, provides amazing views and a tranquil ambiance. The city is indeed a state’s entrance as well as a large industrial town with military involvement.


Doda is a haven for adventurers and nature enthusiasts, with diverse scenery. This is a goldmine for anyone interested in adventure activities, whether they are beginners or experts. Doda seems to be well for two Hindu sanctuaries, Athra Devi Temple as well as Chandi Mata Temple, despite becoming less well with other tourists.

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