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Astonished with your screen time? Ways to manage it better

by LittleYouKnow

Life before the pandemic was just as dependent on technology and gadgets but the real deal came over after the pandemic hit and our entire lives shifted to online and virtual platforms. Virtual platforms and applications may have transformed our lives for the better but no one can deny the harm it has exhibited to us in the process.

Being glued to our devices all the time has eventually started to take a toll on most of us, from strained eyes to drained energy and so much more, which is why it is imperative to tackle the problem and decrease screen time.

Here are some ways to manage your screen time-

  1. It is imperative to monitor the time you are spending on social media, non-essential tasks, watching movies or shows, etc. As long as it is not an essential work that needs to be taken care of, the gadgets can be set aside. Similarly, ensure that once you are working on any particular device, you stick to it entirely without distractions from other background applications.
  • Use downtime or set limits to applications so that you don’t end up overusing any application or scrolling mindlessly. Put on the phone on “Do not Disturb” so that you do not receive notifications and calls after a particular time and can stay focused on tasks or sleep peacefully. There are also third-party apps for the same which can be checked and installed at your convenience.
  • Make sure whenever you switch on your devices, you have a particular use for it so that you don’t end up staying idle and wasting time while using the applications. Replace that with other alternatives such as walking, listening to music, journaling, etc.
  • Always opt for physical meetings and activities when you can and do not let virtual meetings or chores replace them permanently. Go meet your friend if she lives nearby rather than Face Timing her. If you can replace virtual with reality easily then do it.
  • Set aside a particular limited time to use certain apps, use social media, or watch something so that you can stick to it while ensuring that you do not ignore the time limit. Realize that it is actually unhealthy to spend long hours in front of a screen and it can end up doing a lot of damage to your physical and mental health.

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