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10 Fitness YouTube Channels For Beginners

by LittleYouKnow

To be fit is to be strong and healthy. A fit body is not which is muscular but which is resistant to opportunistic infections and disease. To work on this, you do not need to pay hefty prices or register in a gym, you can follow a great fitness routine at your home and with the ease of your mobile phone.

YouTube is a great platform to follow for everything but the problem with such great access is what to go with and what not to, who to listen to, who is the expert etc. This article is about the best and most trusted YouTube channels for fitness that can help you with your complete transformation.

  1. Blogilates: One of the top fitness channels on YouTube that is mainly centered around female fitness. It is designed by Cassey Ho. The first video was posted in 2009 with the intention was to leave a farewell workout video for her class of 40. As she was traveling cross-country at that time, her intention to be accessible to her students became the strongest foundation of the infectiously growing Blogilates with over 4 Million subscribers and 500 million views. The breakthrough to her versatility was the confluence of pop music and regular Pilate sessions – POP Pilates. Cassey graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology in 2009. She is a certified fitness group instructor and reformer teacher for *ACE, NESTA, and Balanced body
  2. Yoga with Adriene: This channel is proof of how fitness and the different ways to pursue it are pervading cultural boundaries. Yoga with was earlier known to be limited to India only is being taught and followed by an actress, writer, and an international yoga train and entrepreneur from Austin-Adriene Mishler. With a community of over 11 million, she provides tools for yoga and practices associated with pranayama and yoga. Apart from successful content and acceptance from viewers on its chief platform, Yoga with Adriene has been recognized as the most searched workout in 2015. Her best sessions include Finding what feels good that enforces practices and space one requires for personality development, love for oneself, and discovering creativity. She has been instructing yoga after certification from the National Yoga Alliance School in Hatha Yoga where she learned about Sanskrit, anatomy, physiology, and yoga physiology in multiple styles of yoga including Kundalini.
  3. The fitness Marshall: A fitness-dance channel that makes workouts more happening for 4 million of its subscribers and with over 780 million views.
  4. Has it: With an array of plans that can surprise you. These channels assist their viewers and followers holistically by creating diet plans and teaching eating habits that are realistic and scientific and can be sustained for a long duration.
  5. Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home: Leslie’s Walk at Home workouts have razed the shackles of a sedentary lifestyle and the multitude of health problems raised due to it. It made it so simple to walk and shed the possibility of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc by fastening the metabolism.
  6. JessicasmithTv: Name the workout style and you will find it here. She has customized her setup based on ease, access, and consistency of training. She hosts a YouTube channel that aims at a happier, gratitude-filled, and inspirational day through a workout that releases endorphins and makes us flexible both physically and mentally.
  7. Fitness Blender: This channel has very effective long and short-form workouts that are curated knowing the busy 9 to 5 corporate life. And there is no denying, these workouts are just enough to keep you in shape.
  8. POPsugarfitness: Tips, education, and inspiration. These words describe this channel with many instructors that make the workout session fun to return and continue and lose the serious amount of fat that you have always been trying to.
  9. BeFit: This channel empowers people to overcome chronic fatigue and lifestyle diseases by enthusiastically fulfilling their body’s demands of exercise, stamina, and endurance.
  10. Fiber: This YouTube channel is hosted by Vivek Mittal with over 3 million subscribers and 250 million plus views. This channel mostly focuses on general health and habit. This aims to review products that are renowned but unsafe to our bodies and health and practices involved in daily routines that should be avoided. With this, he relishes the information given in texts regarding how to maintain a healthy regime that will not only give a wide berth to stress-related issues but also will help us to function well throughout the day.

Apart, from the reviewed channels many YouTubers are helping people to live a life less prone to disease and malaise. All you need to do is, select one of them and stick to it .

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