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Ways to Improve your posture

by LittleYouKnow

No doubt having a good posture is as important as having a good personality. Slouchy posture somehow depicts our lifestyle and health conditions. So, here you can find out the best bunch of tips that will guide you to maintain an upright posture. Now, without wasting your time, let us take you to a world of better posture. 

The desk job mess

If you’re someone whose most of the work is a desk job, it’s 100% recommended to get a proper desk setup and not just a bed table. 

Having a proper desk setup will let you avoid that puppy posture that we tend to make while sitting on our beds. Make sure you have a custom sitting chair that suits your requirements and supports the back.

Exercise is the key

Make sure to include some sort of basic exercise in your routine. If you’re already someone who suffers from having a bad posture or just someone who has a lot of sitting work stretching, yoga, and basic exercises become a lifesaver.

  • High and side planks 
  • Cat cow
  • Chest opener
  • Pigeon pose
  • Folding forward
  • Thoracic spine rotation

These are considered some of the most effective ways to improve posture. Most of the exercises mentioned above have been a part of Surya namaskar.

Posture correcting belts

Another readily available option available in the market is a posture correcting belt which helps you keep your back straight and maintain a balanced back structure. It does not let you bend your back in the ways your it is not meant to be.

Text neck

While scrolling through our phones we all tend to bend our necks down. This is the most common reason for having poor posture. Scrolling through our phones for hours and hours with a bent neck results in poor posture which is why being mindful of it is imperative.

Driving posture

While using back support, your knees and your hips should be at the same level, and your feet making almost a 90° angle so that your muscles and ligaments don’t get stretched so much.

Be mindful

Being mindful plays an essential part too. We don’t realize how much time these days we are on our phones texting, scrolling, or simply by just working. We tend to forget our posture and by and by it gets worse and gives lifelong back and neck problems. 

Quick tips;

  • For maintaining an ideal structure you need to stay active the whole day.
  • If you are into a desk job then always follow the 25:5 rule. According to this rule, you can sit for 25 minutes and late can walk for the next 5 minutes for tracking the right balance. 
  • Always focus if your back is straight or not because it might end up into a terrible habit. 
  • Not just while walking or sitting but the concern of posture works on your sleeping position equally, since you sleep almost 9 to 10 hours a day. Thus, it’s best to maintain proper posture even while you are sleeping.

Final words 

While all the aforementioned ways are scientifically suggested to be followed, we all should take care of our puppy-like posture and transform it back to normal. Posture is an integral part of our body language. While walking in a room, if we don’t have the confidence to walk and present ourselves properly, then we definitely need to rethink being mindless about it.

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