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Guide to a perfect dental hygiene

by LittleYouKnow

“Oral hygiene is a mirror to general health”. We all love a beautiful smile. Oral hygiene is something far more than just brushing and we all should be aware of it. Here are ways to make sure you have great oral hygiene.

Brushing your teeth

The way you brush your teeth is very important. Well, it might not be wrong to say that poorly brushing your teeth is as bad as not brushing them at all. Deposition of plaque on our teeth for too long leads to calculus buildup which in the long term leads to severe gum problems.


 How often do you clean your tongue? Don’t lie, we all are guilty I know. If you find it difficult to use your brush for cleaning your tongue, get a tongue cleaner instead. It won’t cost you much and will solve the purpose nicely. 

Sweets turning to acid

Living in a country like India where sweets and desserts have infinite choices. It’s very common to have a sweet tooth. It’s our guilty pleasure. But this is very dangerous in so many ways. The sugar converts into acid leading to erosion of enamel which further leads to cavities. So it’s better to have a little control now otherwise we’ll have to say goodbye to our sweet tooth for life.


From glass skin to oral hygiene, water is so important. Drinking a little water after every meal helps the food left stuck on our teeth flow into the stomach, leading to less pale teeth. 


While it can get a little tricky at times, we cannot forget the importance it has for our gum health. There is very little space between each tooth, food gets deposited in those little spaces causing toothaches, pale teeth, gum aches, etc.

Eating habits

Eating fresh is not just good for your body but for your teeth and gums too. Even while eating healthy one must ensure to have a proper size bite that has enough room for you to chew. Packaged foods reduce the work of your teeth making them less effective.

Avoid smoking, tobacco, and alcohol

Needless to say, these things aren’t good in any way, but when it comes to dental care it’s great to stay away from tobacco as it is the biggest reason for Oral cancer. Not just tobacco alcohol is nothing less than it.

 Soft drinks, Coffee, Tea

They definitely have some nutritional value to them, but having them in access can cause yellowing of teeth at a very rapid rate.

Teeth injury

There are so many cases in which people tend to get tooth injuries causing too many problems and pain. If you’re an athlete, a mouthguard is a must while playing

Regular dental visits

Don’t wait for a cavity to occur or any other injury to happen. Make sure you visit a dentist at least twice or thrice a year. It’s better to be on the precautionary side than to visit your doctor after some major damage has been done.

Final Words

While we all know how important dental care is we tend to get lazy and sometimes neglect its importance it has. Not only these suggestions will help you maintain great dental hygiene but also keep your smile healthy and shining.

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