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Why Change Your Skin Routine Every Season?

by LittleYouKnow

It is time to put away your sandals and summer dress and pull out your boots and sweaters instead. To protect and moisturize against environmental changes that affect how our skin acts, just as you must alter your outfit, you must alter your skin care regimen. The drier air throughout the fall and winter months has an impact on our skin. You need to start using richer, high-performance moisturizers that offer deep hydration and long-lasting moisture because we are more prone to dryness and flakiness.

We all have a simple, three-step skincare routine, but with the changing of the seasons, which may not be sufficient. Utilizing items from a single skincare brand makes it easier to prevent overusing substances while also improving the appearance of your skin.

Why does the weather affect the way your skin looks?

Your skin produces more oil when it is hot and humid outside, which can result in an oily sheen. Alternately, when it is colder outside and perhaps more radiators are on, the low air humidity causes your skin’s moisture to drain more quickly, leaving it drier.

As the seasons change, should your skin care regimen alter as well?

  • There are many factors to take into mind when the seasons change.
  • To avoid blocking your pores in the summer, use a gel-based cleanser first, followed by slightly lighter moisturizers, often ones that include hyaluronic acid.
  • You should use a heavier, cream-based moisturizer in the winter to lock in moisture and prevent your skin from losing its natural oils. Look for products with humectants, such as glycerine or glycol, which hold water. These components will stop moisture from leaving the skin’s surface to evaporate.

The Advantages of Modifying Your Skincare Regime

By conducting a skincare audit, you may customize your regimen to meet your unique needs. It has various advantages, such as:

  • Improved complexion
  • Effective skin barrier
  • Improved skin tone
  • Healthy skin

How Do You Conduct A Skincare Audit?

1. Analyze The State Of Your Skin Currently.

It is advisable to first evaluate whether your skin is greasy. Dry? Combination? Your choice of products will be influenced by all of this. For instance, a moisturizing face wash would be beneficial for someone with dry skin, whereas someone with oily skin could prefer a foaming face wash to get rid of sebum that causes acne.

2. Set Goals For Your Skincare

This can involve diminishing dark spots, smoothing out tiny wrinkles, or getting rid of outbreaks. Your objectives will influence the goods you use.

3. Seek The Assistance Of Pros

Consult a dermatologist who has attained board certification if you are unclear about how to modify your skincare regimen. They are skin specialists and can design a routine that is tailored to your specific requirements. Before making modifications, stick to your program for at least three months to evaluate if it is truly effective.

4. Choose the Number of Steps You Want to Take

Consistency is crucial when it comes to skincare regimens. You should be very forward with yourself about how much time you can commit to your routine and follow it. While some individuals would like a 12-step program, others might just want to focus on five products at once.

5. Figure Out the Gaps in Your Routine

You might still have a few products after cleaning up your inventory that you wish to retain in rotation. But is there anything in your line-up that is missing? So that you understand exactly what else to look for when you head shopping, identify the items you are lacking.

The transition from hot, muggy summers to chilly, dry winters can involve more than just changing your attire. Temperature changes could also affect the way your skin looks. It is simple to settle in if you establish a routine that works for you.

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