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Ways to keep your gadgets clean

by LittleYouKnow

With everyone around the world concerned about staying hygienic and germ-free, you must remember to clean your electronics as well. It’s impossible to forget to clean your hands after handling an object, but what about the electronics you use every day?

Smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras, and headphones are the most widely used devices, yet when it comes to hygiene, they’re usually the last thing on our minds. We’ve all heard that the easiest way to stay clean is to wash our hands for at least 20 seconds in hot, soapy water, but what about your devices?

The majority of regularly used electronic devices, such as computers, phones, and tablets, are dust magnets that collect food particles, bacteria, and other diseases. As a result, it is critical to disinfect these appliances regularly for them to remain safe to use. Therefore, we have listed some ways for you to clean your gadgets.

Damp screen wipes

Televisions, laptop screens, phones, tablets, and computers are all common in today’s households. Every few days, these panels acquire dust and smudges. This can degrade the visual experience, and if you clean too vigorously, the dust can act as an abrasive. Using a screen wipe is the best way to keep your screens clean. A box of high-quality screen wipes costs ‘500. (200 wipes per box). A specially prepared solution in screen wipes dries rapidly and leaves no residue on the screen. Remember that as long as the wipes are damp, you can use them to clean screens.

Screen Cleaning Kit

Apart from dust particles, smudges and fingerprints are other difficulties with today’s touchscreen screens. Using any type of cloth or tissue to clean the screen is not recommended because it might produce tiny scratches. Use a microfiber cloth instead. A screen-cleaning kit (‘150 and up) with a microfiber cloth and a screen-cleaning solvent (safe for all sorts of screens, including touchscreens and TVs) is an excellent investment.


Inside a computer cabinet, there are numerous components. Even though cabinets are closed on all sides, dust accumulates quickly. Dirt can collect on the CPU, GPU, hard drives, and motherboard, resulting in reduced airflow and overheating. For 300-800, you can acquire an air-blower to swiftly remove dust from inside your cabinets. Before utilizing the air-blower, make sure the computer cabinet is unplugged and taken outside. It’s a good idea to protect your eyes, nose, and mouth. The air blower should be moved from one side to the other. Do not place it too close to the motherboard because it blows air at high speeds. You can use the air-blower to clean set-top boxes, keyboards, amplifiers, game consoles, multimedia projectors, and speaker grilles in addition to cabinets.


A Lenspen (Rs 300) is an imperative instrument for keeping camera lenses clean that every camera owner should have. DSLRs, handy cameras, and even cellphones can all benefit from it. On one side, it features a retractable soft brush that can be used to clear dust particles from the lens or the lens body. On the other side is a concave-shaped carbon cleaning chemical that eliminates dust and can even clean small spots. The Lenspen can also be used to clean the mirror and sensor of a DSLR, as well as glass parts on telescopes and microscopes. For optimal cleaning, begin cleaning in the middle and work your way out in a circular manner.

Compressed Air cans

A compressed air can is the next best option if you don’t want to deal with the trouble of a motorized air blower. Each Can is equipped with a long nozzle and resembles a can of spray paint. To clean away any dust or debris, simply position the nozzle in the appropriate direction and apply brief bursts of air. A can of air costs approximately Rs 300.

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