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Tesco mobiles: A revolution in the Telecom industry.

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Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile Limited (doing business as Tesco Mobile) is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) with operations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Apart from Ireland, where the mobile network is Three Ireland, it is run by British retailer Tesco and uses the network O2 as its carrier.

About the company

Tesco Mobile was founded in May 2003, and before the year’s end, it provided pre-paid mobile services in Tesco shops and online. The network in the United Kingdom began delivering 4G service at no extra cost to its pay-monthly and SIM-only users in January 2014, expanding the service to pay-as-you-go customers in July of the same year.

The company was a 50:50 partnership between Tesco (through its companies Tesco Mobile Communications Limited and Tesco Mobile Services Limited) and Virgin Media O2 as of December 2017. (through its subsidiary O2 Communications Limited).

Services provided by the company.

Tesco Mobile Ltd. sells mobile phones and other telecommunications services. The company provides communications plans, online recharge, customer service, internet, messaging, and a variety of cellular device brands.

Tesco Mobile operates on the O2 network. Tesco Mobile is a ‘virtual’ mobile network provider, which implies it utilizes the infrastructure of another carrier, in this case, O2. It supports 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. Our free interactive mobile network coverage map may check your coverage area. Please insert your postcode into the map, which will tell you how strong O2’s signal is in your room while comparing it to the other providers.

Standard pay-monthly contracts are available from Tesco Mobile and its Anytime Upgrade plans. These split your bill into two parts—one for the handset and one for your usage—and are comparable to O2’s Refresh package.

You cease paying for your phone at the conclusion of your 24-month contract and only pay for your usage each month, saving you money on your monthly cost. You pay off the remainder of your total phone payment if you decide you want a new phone before your contract is up.

The cost of Tesco Mobile is affordable. Its most affordable plan, a Sim-only option with 500 minutes, 5,000 messages, and 2GB of data, costs just £7.50 per month. If you like to pay as you go, Tesco Mobile’s Triple Credit tariff is perfect for you: a £10 top-up earns you £30 credit that lasts a month.

Sim-only plans:

The prices of Tesco Mobile’s SIM-only plans aren’t the lowest available. Typically, companies like iD Mobile receive this honor. However, Tesco Mobile’s SIMs still offer excellent value.

For a monthly data allowance of 2GB, its cheapest 12-month and 24-month SIM plans typically cost a little over £7 at the time of writing.

On the other hand, if you use a lot of data, you can obtain unlimited access for roughly £30 per month.

Fortunately, all plans include free EU roaming and 5G if you have a 5G-compatible phone and live in a network-covered location.

Tesco Mobile also provides no-contract pay-as-you-go SIM cards. You can top up your account on a monthly basis and add as much or as little credit as you choose.

Phone contract plans

When it comes to paying for your phone, Tesco Mobile plans to provide you with a variety of alternatives with contract options that last 12, 18, 24, 30, or 36 months.

In general, there are monthly allocations available that range from 1GB to unlimited data. Therefore, both light and heavy users are accommodated.

The primary phone manufacturers, including Huawei, Samsung, and Apple, are all represented on Tesco Mobile.

There is also a decent selection of mid-range phones from manufacturers, including Nokia, Motorola, Doro, and Sony, in keeping with the network’s emphasis on pricing.

Mobile coverage

Tesco Mobile uses the O2 network for 4G, which covers 99% of the population. This is consistent with all its household-name competitors, including O2 and EE.

O2’s 5G network is also expanding, with 194 places now online and free of charge for Tesco Mobile customers with 5G-compatible phones.

Mobile roaming

In 48 places around Europe, inclusive roaming is available to all clients. Therefore, they are not charged extra to use their UK entitlements while traveling abroad.

Tesco Mobile has also stated that it does not currently have any intentions to reintroduce roaming fees in European nations.

That contrasts with some other well-known competitors like EE, Three, and Vodafone. They have stated they will no longer offer free roaming in Europe.

Customer service

Tesco Mobile offers telephone customer service, open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

You can reach them by calling 4455 from a Tesco Mobile phone or by dialing 0345 301 4455 from a landline.)

Customers appear to be happy with the assistance they receive. For example, 97% of Tesco Mobile customers who participated in a study by telecom regulator Ofcom said they were pleased with the service.

That was excellent enough to place first in the study and was far better than the sector average of 93%.

Mobile stores and customer service.

Tesco Mobile has a network of physical outlets around the United Kingdom.

So, if you need some advice on your purchase or need help with the Tesco Mobile phone you’ve already purchased, you can go in and chat with someone face to face.

Monday through Saturday, most stores are open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. They are usually available on Sundays. However, the hours vary significantly.

As a result, we recommend you utilize Tesco Mobile’s shop locator on its website to double-check before traveling.

The stores outside the united kingdom are:


Tesco Ireland stated in December 2006 that it would form a joint venture with O2 Ireland to provide mobile telephony services. The company, Ireland’s second MVNO (the first being the now-defunct Cellular 3), used the O2 network but operated independently.


Tesco Stores SR stated in December 2009 that it would form a joint venture with Telefónica Slovakia to provide mobile telephony services. The service, Slovakia’s second MVNO (naymobile was the first), runs independently of the O2 network.

Czech republic

Tesco Stores R a.s. and Telefónica Czech Republic formed a joint venture to provide mobile telecommunications services in May 2013. The service uses the O2 network.


The Tesco Mobile network has a lot going for it. Its 4G and 5G service, based on the network architecture of O2, is quick and dependable to start with. Prices are also competitive.

You can get a great deal if you add free Clubcard points, which you can use to pay your phone bill or get money off groceries, free 5G, and all-inclusive European roaming.

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