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Stranger Things on Netflix and QVC team up to provide live stream and on-demand shopping events

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Stranger Things on Netflix and social media star Tessa Netting are partners with QVC to provide four original streaming shopping events themed by the popular show, including two live streams. With the help of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” and social media star Tessa Netting, QVC, a global leader in immersive video commerce on streaming and other platforms, will deliver four original streaming shopping experiences inspired by the popular series, including two live streams.

What is QVC?

QVC is a leading retail channel and free-to-air tv station in the United States that focuses on televised home shopping. It is owned by Qurate Retail Group. On June 13, 1986, Joseph Segel and Ralph Roberts started QVC. On November 24, 1986, the channel was the first broadcast.

The QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experiences, which are accessible in more than 100 million internet-connected U.S. households and on other well-liked streaming platforms, are the only places where QVC’s streaming shopping events can be seen. 

With over 200 streaming-only show series, live linear programming, and on-demand material available in one simple-to-use, completely shoppable app, the QVC+, and HSN+ streaming experience gives QVC’s most extensive, comprehensive streaming shopping experience.

A global pioneer in video commerce provides holiday items inspired by “Stranger Things.”

  • A Day in Hawkins, Hawkins FAQ, Christmas ’86: ‘Stranger Things’ Gift Guide LIVE, and Stranger Things Day Preview LIVE are just a few of the “Stranger Things” events available on QVC. In addition to other items with series themes, the events include an exclusive, limited-edition set of five “Stranger Things” pins from FiGPiN, sold only on QVC.
  • On Sunday, November 6, at midnight, “Stranger Things: A Day in Hawkins” and “Hawkins FAQ” will be released in remembrance of “Stranger Things” Day, which commemorates the day in 1983 when the events of the Netflix series began with the disappearance of Will Byers. 
  • Tessa Netting’s journey through the “Stranger Things” Experience, an immersive, interactive walkthrough in Atlanta featuring iconic sets from the series, is chronicled in “Stranger Things – A Day in Hawkins.” Netting visits the Byers’ Living Room, Scoops Ahoy, Rink-O-Mania, and the Hellfire Club as she shares her holiday “Stranger Things” finds.

The FiGPiN QVC exclusive is first on the list. Other gift suggestions include the following:

  • Bitty Boomers Bluetooth speakers in the form of “Stranger Things” characters. 
  • A little collectible reproduction of Eddie the Warlock’s guitar from Axe Heaven.
  • Toys from Mattel and Hasbro with themes from the “Stranger Things” series. 
  • An Energizer flashlight for hunting Demogorgons, the show’s main monsters; and more.

Collection of QVC

  • Customers can browse the QVC Netflix “Stranger Things” collection at any time on QVC.com or in the “Stranger Things: A Day in Hawkins” experience on the app. Additionally, “Stranger Things” books, cosmetics, gadgets, and other items are available on QVC. 
  • In “Hawkins FAQ,” actors playing “residents” discuss life in Hawkins while also introducing gift suggestions for fans of the QVC Netflix “Stranger Things” series.
  • On Friday, November 11, at 2 p.m. EST, QVC will broadcast their next “Stranger Things” show as a remembrance of Eleven, the protagonist of the Netflix series. Christmas ’86: ‘Stranger Things’ Gift Guide LIVE” takes place in 1986, the year QVC was established, and features the original QVC logo, retro clothing, and vintage setting. 
  • In a “nostalgic show,” QVC host Rick Domeier joins Netting to provide “Stranger Things” gift suggestions. But as the program progresses, odd events begin to occur, and QVC turns upside down.
  • On Tuesday, Nov. 1, Netting additionally provided a live preview of the “Stranger Things” collection, providing users of the QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experience apps with a glimpse into the Byers’ Living Room in the “Stranger Things” Experience. The streaming app now has a VOD version of this live stream.

The strategic ambition of Qurate Retail Group to develop unique v Commerce experiences across new media and digital platforms is reflected in “Stranger Things” streaming shopping events on QVC. In the QVC+ and HSN+ streaming experience, five linear broadcast channels—QVC, QVC2, QVC3, HSN, and HSN2.

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