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How to select a niche for your Instagram profile?

by LittleYouKnow

Who doesn’t like to consume entertaining content these days in the form of series, movies, stand-up comedy, podcasts, etc? It is one of the most common and handy ways to stay entertained. People are now way more comfortable and confident to express their feelings and thoughts through social media via photos, videos, reels, stories, etc. One such famous platform is Instagram. With a plethora of formats to make your feed stand out, You can customize your feed as per your liking or by following a theme.  

One can also change the settings of their Instagram account by making it a private or public account and choosing a niche for their profile. By niche, we mean the account type. There are several options to choose from ex-public figures, comedians, artists, or something quirky, just for fun. By choosing a suitable niche you can promote your content or even your business. 

This way when one will open your Instagram account they will know what exactly they will find. Let’s explore some ways by which you can select the niche for your account.

Interest Areas- Jot down your interest areas, your likes, and what you usually do and like to portray on Instagram. Take an average of your posts and story related to areas like traveling, photography, food blogging, nature, quotes, etc. This way you will have a fair idea about your interest and profile inclination to fit in a genre.

Strike out what you don’t end up posting or generally avoid- Think about topics and your dislikes towards things. It could be politics, controversial topics, etc. Then cross-check all that you are exhibiting from your list of interests. This way you will know what you are not posting.

Poll, Q, and A do the job- remember about times and go in your archives to see the answers to your polls where you asked for opinions, suggestions, and recommendations. Or simply put up an IG poll asking your followers what type of content they are interested in. Talk to your friends and ask them for their honest opinions about your work.

Once you are through with the above ways, you will have a fair idea as to what content you and your audience resonate with. So, start narrowing down it more into niches like- travel, food, lifestyle, beauty, etc. Here is an example of how you can go further about getting into a niche.

Travel – you like domestic travel or traveling in a particular region. It could start with finalizing the content that you would want to show in your travel series- places to visit, food eateries, adventure activities, and cultural festivities. Then think about what is it that you don’t want to show in your content.

Food – Food content will involve the decision about whether you want to capture all the cuisines from northern to southern or is it going to be particularly like street food, premium restaurant food, desserts, or main course.

Lifestyle – this topic will include your decision of including content in lifestyle like home décor, fitness, etc. This way you would know what is all that you want to include in your content type.

Beauty- This would include whether you want to do soft, subtle makeup or go for bold looks experimenting around.

Above were some of the examples that would help you to decide how to go about selecting your niche and then further narrowing down the type of content you would want to showcase on your feed.

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