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How to maintain beautiful curls?

by LittleYouKnow

Curly hair is always the center of attention. The beautiful and shiny locks are irresistible and stunning. Although they are great to look at, taking care of curls is a task on another level. Only people with curly hair can understand how dry, tangled, and frizzy their hair can become. However, these are common problems because this type of hair lacks moisture. 

Don’t worry because you can achieve lovely hair locks by opting for the right haircare. So say goodbye to dry and frizzy hair because all you will get now is good hair days. 

Steps to take care of your curly hair 

We have got your back if you, too, get frustrated after washing your hair because it just won’t detangle. Here are some religious tips that you must follow to put life back into your dull hair. 

Pick the right shampoo.

We get that washing your hair can be a task, but you have to do it at least twice a week. First, clean your scalp to get rid of excess oil, dirt, and buildup from products. For this, you need to choose a shampoo free of harsh chemicals like silicones and sulfates. 

If possible, opt for products that contain natural ingredients so they won’t rip off the moisture from your hair. Also, use fragrance-free and mild shampoos that do not irritate your scalp. Finally, do not change shampoos often, and give the product a few weeks to show its magic.

Choose the perfect brush

Since curly hair is dry, it is prone to breakage, especially when it is wet. Get a wide-tooth comb, so it does not get stuck in your hair and cause further damage. Always opt for a great quality hairbrush with natural bristles instead of plastic ones. After washing your hair, let it become damp first. 

Next, run your fingers through the hair to detangle it, and then use your comb finally. If you need a boar bristle brush, it can help the scalp’s natural oils spread evenly throughout your hair strands. 

No split ends 

No matter what anyone tells you, there is no way to cure split ends. You have to get rid of them by getting a haircut. If you have split ends, the first thing you need to do is trim them out. However, there are ways of preventing further split ends in your hair. For instance, use a detangler and avoid pulling your hair. 

Say no to tight hairstyles, ponytails, or buns. Moreover, minimize the use of heat tools to a great extent. If you have to use them, ensure that you apply heat protectant spray first. 

Create a routine 

Pamper your hair after and before every hair wash and see how they will transform for good. Use a hydrating hair mask before washing your hair. After that, use a cotton t-shirt or a soft material cloth to wrap around your head. Finally, apply a serum before you try to detangle your curls. 

You are conditioning your hair after shampooing is a holy grail step, so never skip it. Essential oils, heat protectant spray, and leave-in conditioners are some amazing products that will lock in the moisture in your curls. Do your research before opting for any product and check out its ingredients. 

Protect your hair 

While you are sleeping, it is vital to protect your precious curls. This may sound absurd, but doing this will allow you to wake up with perfect hair, and you won’t have to detangle it again. Try wrapping your hair with a silk scarf and replacing your regular pillow cover with a pillow cover. 

Reduce the friction and retain your curls for a longer time. Also, this factor reduces hair breakage, so you must give it a try. 

Take your hair game to the next level by opting for the right haircare range. 

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