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Healthy snacks to keep while travelling

by LittleYouKnow

Travelling and trips can rejuvenate your whole body and mind and can take you places! Who doesn’t get excited when travel comes to the mind? I guess there will be only few as travelling brings about excitement, joy and all the happy hormones. But being travel ready is a task.

One needs to plan before hand as to what all they should carry and in what quantity. But the main and foremost concern should be to see if you are feeling fine physically or not? Because travelling requires to sit for long hours, one can feel pukish and nauseatic. To curb these it is essential for travellers to carry healthy nutrient-rich snacks and liquids to help them enjoy the journey. This will not only help them to feel fine during the journey but also help people stick to their routine diet and not falter.

So, here are some healthy snacks one can munch on while travelling –

  1. Seasonal fruits- Carry seasonal fruits as they provide all the nutrients that your body needs in the season, this is a nature’s blessing with good taste! Don’t cut your fruits, it is advisable to take it whole as they will remain fresh and cut fruits have a higher chance to get bad after being exposed to the environment.
  1. Vegetable sandwich- Pack your lunchbox with leafy greens! One should always trust their greens and what can be better than having a balance of carbohydrates and nutrients? Just add your favorite toppings like cucumber, carrots, lettuce, spinach and add your favourite sauce and you are good to go!
  1. Nutrition bars- Nutrition bars can act as a complete meal; they are packed with the right amount of nutrients. From kids to adult, anyone can relish it without feeling heavy on the stomach. They also require less space and provide a good dose of energy because of the sugar.
  1. Idli, dosas and vadas- It is time to take things south! These delicacies are a good option to take along as they are prepared with fermented rice and have very less chance to go bad. Also, the tangy flavour of sambar and south Indian spices can never go wrong. So, next time pack some idlis, dosas and vadas for your next trip.
  1. Dhokla- all the way Gujarati way! Whenever one thinks of dhokla a sweet and sour taste is what comes up in the mind and on the taste buds! dhoklas are sponge of tanginess even though their appearance might look like a heavy-loaded meal, but they are the exact opposite! They are light as a sponge and are healthy too!

These were some options one can think of to pack while travelling, they are not that fancy and will provide you with all the goodness of nutrients that one requires while travelling. As a healthy body and mind will make you feel more energetic, and one can enjoy their trip at their fullest and even go for adventure sports! Because a healthy body is what gets you going!

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