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Benefits of taking a lukewarm shower

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First off it’s better to understand that a lukewarm shower is nowhere linked to a hot shower. Hot showers may give to certain health issues but lukewarm showers will help a lot, only if you crack the key that is temperature. Yes, lukewarm showers will provide you with all the relaxation that a hot shower provides without giving you severe health issues.


A Lukewarm shower will not cause redness or itchiness on your skin. Neither will it cause you skin inflammation. Lukewarm showers will not absorb the natural oils of your skin keeping it hydrated and healthy. Also, lukewarm water opens up the pores of your skin, to scrub and remove blackheads, oils, and dirt without burning your skin.


Studies have proven that hot showers can cause hair fall, dandruff hair itchy scalp but guess what? No more such problems, the answer is going lukewarm. Lukewarm water will not just help your hair maintain an even temperature but also helps the roots to stay stronger.

Quality sleep 

Having Lukewarm showers before bedtime will make sure you have the most relaxed sleep of your life.  After having a warm bath your blood vessels will get relaxed making you sleep faster and deeper. There are so many studies telling the benefits of a warm shower before bed. Just make sure that the water is warm and not hot.

  Muscle and Joint Health 

Slightly warm showers will help you to repair your muscles and joints. It will relax your blood vessels and speed up the healing process. You might have noticed old people (with joint pain) dipping their feet in a bucket filled with lukewarm water. That’s because it helps to relax the muscles.

 Comfort Respiratory Issues 

Ancestral way to heal from cold and cough was to take steam with essential oils and herbs. This is because when our body is suffering from cold and we nurture it with a hotter temperature. There are 2 temperatures maintained by our bodies now. This fastens the repair process.

So, if you’re someone who’s suffering from a cold or cough it’s better to have a warm shower and provide the comfort your body needs.

Increase in blood flow

Usually, people with high blood pressure are not allowed to have hot showers as it increases the flow of blood in the body. But a lukewarm shower provides relaxation without much damage. It’s a win-win situation.

 Reduce headache

Most types of headaches are caused when the blood vessels are narrowed. Having a nice lukewarm shower will help open up the blood vessels leading to reduced mains and muscle recovery.


Having a perfect lukewarm temperature after a stressful day will help you get rid of all the anxiety, stress, and frustration. It will elevate your mood and put you in a good headspace. Lukewarm baths are considered to be great for people with anxiety and chronic thinking.

Final Words 

It might not be wrong to say that there are many benefits of having a lukewarm shower. Lukewarm showers especially before bed will put you in great head space and let you have a deeper sleep. Just make sure to apply moisturizer to your skin after a lukewarm shower too as it will help not let the natural oils of your body go away and also close the open pores.

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