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Ways to cope with body pain after a severe workout

by LittleYouKnow

We all know that time stops when one is working out, a minute of plank can feel like a lifetime but once you are done with your workout there is no better feeling than that. It is so surreal to see your body go through these changes and get transformed into its best self. All that sweat, muscle pain, and disciplined eating habits will not only give you a good body but a healthy mindset as well. 

One needs to first master the mind and then train the body and to have coordination between both makes you consistent in achieving your goals and gets you going for that extra mile. All of this seems like it is easier said than done, which is partly true because of the different energy levels, stamina, body flexibility, schedules, etc. 

There must have been a lot of times when you must have thought of quitting a workout because of the sore muscles which cause uneasiness even when one is standing! But what we forget is that it is the fuel for our future workouts and eventually the pain will fade away in the fruition of our hard work! So, let’s dig into what one can do to cope with body pain after a severe workout.

  • Stretch- stretching can do wonders in dealing with sore muscles even though how basic it may seem but remember the stretch that you do after waking up or after sitting for a long. That feeling when your muscles relax is ecstatic. Likewise, after an intense workout try stretching your body and it will release the pain.
  • Take ample amount of rest- One must maintain the balance between working out and taking rest. It is imperative because your body needs time to restore the energy levels and the muscles that you trained need rest. One should wait about 48 hours to train the muscles with the same intensity. Choose light exercises for the same muscle group and avoid complete rest.
  • Consistency is the key- no matter how badly you want to quit, make it a point that you wake up and get going with your workouts because the pain is only temporary and as the saying goes no pain no gain, the same applies to workouts. This consistent attitude will make working out your habit and your muscle memory would support your workouts as your muscles will get stronger.
  • Eat healthily- for your body to function energetically, you need to include a nutrients rich balanced diet. Taking enough liquid is also one key to helping you with body pain. Go for healthy options like green tea, black coffee, detox water, juices, etc.
  • Take a hot shower, apply adequate heat (not advisable in case of inflammation), and take a massage- all these ways can help you with muscle soreness as they relax the muscles and even rejuvenates the mood.

These ways can help you in your fitness journey and help you get the body of your dreams!

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