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5 Reasons to Document Your Fitness Journey.

by LittleYouKnow

We see how nutritionists, dieticians, and trainers ask for our weight very regularly without a fail. 

Documenting the fitness journey has a very important role in many aspects as you will be able to keep a check when and by following what regime you can lose a larger percentage of fat and by consuming all food items you are getting slower and swayed away from the fitness initiative.

 With that, apart from analyzing your progress, as we see, it gives a sense of motivation and surety that our way of pursuing the fitness regime is absolutely on track and we can get better and better results by following the fitness routine more sincerely involving our trust into the fruits of hard work.

Also, you can check what time suits and results from the best to your body. That means, are you getting an ample amount of sleep for the recovery of your muscles and body. 

When is the best time to work out that has maximum efficiency? How frequently are we exercising? Are we trying to do portion control? 

Though apart from all of these very potential reasons, people can still fail to monitor their fitness journey due to the overlapping hectic schedule where it gets physically and mentally draining to first incorporate a health-oriented fitness routine, then follow it religiously and regularly, and then also keep a track of it.

Nowadays tracking calories gained and burnt has become so easy with the help of technology. Not only this, one can monitor their blood pressure, heart rate, and the number of steps one took in a day very efficiently. Many applications and fitness journals have also been a part of fitness tracking, gold standards like BOD PODS, pictures, and whatnot.

But why? Why track it?

Here is your answer.

  • How to pursue: If you are new to the term and process of fitness then it is evident you are unfamiliar with what to go on. Embark on your fitness journey by hiring a personal trainer or registering yourself for a gym membership. Try to go on with these options for a month and then trace all your documentation regarding your fitness journey – are you losing inches? Is there any evidence for muscle development? Is the workout leading to fatigue? Are you mentally sorted and fresh most days?  Any episode of injury? All these questions with your documented drafts will help you to realize whether the guide to your journey is good to continue with or if there is a need to change. You can also undergo free trial terms approached by fitness applications, YouTube channels, and gyms.
  • Accountability: You cannot have a plan with the intention to NOT follow it. A plan demands a pursuit with will and accountability. We do this for everything and everything includes our fitness journey too.  When we hit the gym or while we are on our way to go to the gym. We think, what to do today or what day it is – a leg workout day or an arm day, should we do strength training? Or a yoga stretching session? And many questions like these. These are all part of planning. Here is when a personal trainer or gym trainer comes to take charge. They do this planning on your part. All of this makes how accountable are you in following the journey and meeting your desired goals. You should be very easy in accepting your shortcomings with a positive instinct to work better towards them and keep successes limited to your motivation.
  • Small wins: Fitness is a long-term process, therefore to have the patience to stick to it requires milestones and small wins. These achievements towards your decided milestones will encourage you to move to the next and accomplish it. And when you turn back, you will be surprised to see how long you have come. And by looking back you will get the strength and perseverance to face newer challenges without stress and fear.
  • Inspire: We need proof to begin our journeys towards fitness. Your documents can help people to get straight on this journey with belief that they too can get results from it. 
  • Gratitude:  As you take an account of the period you have come across. You see changes in your mental and physical health and how you approach things now. How conscious you are towards what you consume to how disciplined you are with your routine. The constant push and striving towards becoming a better self for ourselves and our family and to be able to start and achieve it before it was too late is a matter to be grateful about.

Reflect, appreciate and accept and go on for the next set of workouts.

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