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Ways to declutter and organise your phone better

by LittleYouKnow

Are you feeling stressed by the amount of information on your phone? You’re not by yourself! Use this mobile phone decluttering idea and my top decluttering suggestions to help the task go faster and easier so you can find what you need and increase productivity.

1. Get Rid of Unused Apps

We’ve all downloaded an app only to find that it’s not as beneficial as we anticipated or that our need for it has passed. Purging your phone of applications, you no longer use will be similar to clearing out and cleansing your home of items you no longer require. If you have an iPhone, go to your battery and check the usage in the settings area to see how much you’ve used an app in the previous week. Install an app usage tracker like QualityTime on your Android phone and track your usage for a few weeks. Most Android phones also reveal app use in the settings area if you don’t want to install another app.

2. Hide Apps You Don’t Use Often

You undoubtedly have a few applications and features on your phone that you use occasionally but not regularly. These might be picture editing applications, games, or proprietary apps that came with your phone when you bought it. Some of these apps are new to us. Install an app concealing software like Apex Launcher for Android, which allows you to hide apps in “drawers” so they don’t clutter your home screen.

Depending on your phone, you may be able to create application groups and move apps off the main screen. Regardless of your strategy, review how busy your phone seems every few weeks, then eliminate whatever applications you can.

3. Make a folder

Creating folders on your home screen can help you keep things organized. Depending on your organizational approach, you can make a lot of folders or just a few. You may schedule your files by usage, software kind, or any other method you find handy! Hold and drag program icons into the appropriate directories.

4. Sort Apps into Tasks

Depending on your various applications, you may create folders if it suits your organizing approach. Make a planning folder, an organizing folder, a communication folder, etc.

 May organize workout, health, and fitness applications into folders. You may make folders based on your job duties and populate them with your work applications. If you’re a blogger, folders can help you organize your document management app, notes, Pinterest, and other applications on your phone. 


Smartphones are fantastic, but we must also understand when we need to disconnect from technology. It’s difficult to block out the noise and concentrate on what you need to achieve when you have so much communication with the outside world.

Turn off your alerts if you continuously check social networking sites or email. People would call you in most emergencies. Instead of making oneself always available, learn how to take control of life and focus on the present now.

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