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Make up ideas to go with ethnic outfits

by LittleYouKnow

The holiday season is approaching, so it’s only logical that women will be dressing up to their heart’s desire. You’re all confused about what to dress and how to match your cosmetics to your varied ethnic styles. There’s a risk of going overboard, as well as of appearing exhausted and sluggish. As a result, makeup is essential. Hence, this article will give you some useful cosmetic trends to attempt this season. To make your life simpler, here are a few easy looks, one of which will go with any ethnic ensemble you can imagine.

Beauty Of Gold And Red

The combination of golden eyeshadow and red lipstick is a perfect match, and it’s ideal for the holiday season. Red saree with gold embroidery, whether in white and gold sarees from Kerala, white and red sarees from Bengal, or garments with gold-colored work, complement a variety of warm-toned ethnic ensembles.

Eyes With Kohl

No matter what you’re wearing, neutral lipstick with rosy cheeks and kohl-lined eyes is the ultimate look. Depending on your inclination, you may add another dosage or two of kohl to this look. When attempting this look, be sure to utilize pigmented formulas. It’s a simple night look for individuals who wish to turn their eyes without putting in too much effort. Apart from using the black lip color, all you have to do now is tightline and cover your lashes with mascara. It’s daring in a manner that will undoubtedly turn heads. You may also use gold eyeshadow to add a touch of glitz. This style is ideal for dressing up garments in angelic white, ivory, cream, beige, off-white, or light gold.

Sweet And Girly

Unlike the other styles on the list, this one works well with pink, turquoise, silver, or cool-toned ensembles. It’s ideal for individuals who don’t want to wear solid or dramatic makeup but want an attractive appearance. This evening outfit is as glitzy as it gets. It’s no wonder that a style like this is quickly gaining popularity, especially since brown lipstick has become a significant trend. Complementary golden and bronze tones complete this look, effectively transitioning nude cosmetics from day to night while adding sensuality and depth.

It’s Crucial To Have A Fresh Face

If you’re wearing traditional clothing, always add blush to make your skin seem fresh and lively. Also, don’t forget about the mascara. Curl your lashes and apply a lengthening or volumizing mascara, depending on how bold you want your lipstick to be. Bright lipsticks should be paired with extending mascara, while subdued tones should be paired with lashes with many volumes.

Find A Happy Medium

While ethnic wear may range from a simple embroidered tunic to a heavily decorated lehenga, your makeup, jewelry, and garments must work together rather than against each other. Don’t go overboard with the glitter eye if your jewelry is more traditional—think golden jhumkas or a pearl necklace. Stick to a wash of glitter in a color that complements your outfit and eyeliner and kohl. Choose a lip color from the pastels family if your dress is a little fusion and you’re working with a powerful eye look.


When they realize the magnitude of their traditional wear compared to a typical LBD, many people get afraid of using makeup. Don’t be that way. Wear the makeup with pride, and stick to what you know looks well on you. It’s great to contour and highlight; make sure the strength of each varies depending on the occasion. For a bright day event, use a soft contour for clarity and a prominent one for night.

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