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Healthy breakfast options for when you don’t eat eggs

by LittleYouKnow

Do you love eggs but don’t have time for a breakfast full of them? Here are some healthy egg-free breakfast options to start your day off right! These recipes are all easy to make and will keep you feeling energized until lunchtime. So, whether you’re avoiding eggs because of an allergy or simply don’t enjoy them, these recipes will work for you!

1. Overnight oats

Overnight oats are a healthy and easy breakfast option when you don’t have time to cook eggs in the morning. Simply combine rolled oats, milk (dairy or non-dairy), and your favorite flavors in a jar or container the night before. In the morning, add any toppings you like and enjoy!

2. Breakfast smoothie

A breakfast smoothie is another quick and healthy option when you don’t have time for eggs. Simply blend together milk, yogurt, fruit, and any other desired ingredients. You can even add protein powder to make it more filling. Drink it on the go or enjoy it at home!

3. Toast with avocado spread

Toast with avocado spread is another great breakfast option when you’re avoiding eggs. Simply toast your favorite bread, spread some mashed avocado on top, and add a sprinkle of salt and pepper. This recipe takes less than 5 minutes to make and is packed full of healthy fats and protein!

4. Egg-free breakfast sandwich

If you love traditional egg sandwiches for breakfast but don’t have time to cook them in the morning, try an egg-free version instead! Simply spread hummus or mayo over your favorite bread or roll, then add deli meat or veggies like tomatoes or spinach for added protein and nutrients. This easy recipe is sure to satisfy both your taste buds and your hunger until lunchtime!

5. Fruit and yogurt parfait

A fruit and yogurt parfait is a great option when you’re looking for a healthy, yet tasty breakfast. Simply layer your favorite yogurt, fruits, and nuts in a jar or container. This recipe is perfect for those mornings when you don’t have time to sit down and eat a full breakfast!

6. Breakfast burrito bowl

If you love burritos but don’t want the tortilla, try a breakfast burrito bowl instead! Simply combine cooked rice, beans, salsa, and avocado in a bowl. You can even add some protein like shredded chicken or turkey if you’d like. This filling recipe will keep you satisfied until lunchtime!

7. Breakfast tacos

If you’re a fan of breakfast tacos, try an egg-free version instead! Simply cook your favorite tortillas according to the package instructions and add some mashed avocado and veggies like spinach or tomatoes for added flavor and nutrients. This easy recipe is full of protein, healthy fats, and fiber – perfect for starting your day off right!

8. Avocado toast with fried eggs

Looking for a quick way to add more healthy fats to your breakfast? Try avocado toast topped with a fried egg! Simply top your favorite bread or toast with mashed avocado, then fry up an egg on the stovetop in olive oil or butter. You can also add any other desired toppings like salt, pepper, or hot sauce. This recipe is sure to keep you full and satisfied until lunchtime!

9. Banana pancakes

Banana pancakes are a delicious and healthy breakfast option when you don’t have time for eggs. Simply combine ripe bananas, eggs, flour, baking powder, and milk in a blender or food processor. Then cook the batter on a griddle or pan like you would regular pancakes. Serve with your favorite syrup or toppings and enjoy!

10. Fruit and nut cereal

Fruit and nut cereal is another great egg-free breakfast option. Simply combine your favorite cereals with some chopped nuts, dried fruit, and milk (dairy or non-dairy). This recipe is perfect for those mornings when you want something quick and easy but still healthy!

11. Breakfast quesadilla

A breakfast quesadilla is a delicious way to start your day! Simply cook some scrambled eggs and add them to a tortilla with shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, and spinach. Then fold up the tortilla and cook it in a pan or on the stovetop until it’s crispy. The best part? You can enjoy this delicious meal at breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


Looking for healthy breakfast options when you don’t eat eggs? Here are some great options to try: toast with avocado spread, an egg-free sandwich, a fruit and yogurt parfait, a breakfast burrito bowl, banana pancakes, nut cereal, or a breakfast quesadilla. Each of these recipes is packed full of protein, fiber, and healthy fats to help keep you satisfied until lunchtime. So if you’re looking for quick and easy ways to start your day off right, give one of these recipes a try!

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