Your Guide to Choosing The Right Vegetables and Fruits!


Buying good produce is the first step to good cooking and healthy living. Always buy vegetables and fruits that are seasonal and locally grown.


Leafy Vegetables

Choose: Fresh and Green

Avoid: Yellowish and half eaten leaves


Choose: Smooth skin and green stem. Press it slightly and ensure it is firm.

Avoid: Dull skin, too soft and brown stem


Choose: Firm, green, small and slender.

Avoid: Yellowish cucumbers with blemishes or wrinkles


Choose: Firm, thick, bright coloured and without rootlets.

Avoid:  Thin carrots dry quickly.


Choose: Firm yet soft yellow lemons with smooth skin tend to have more juice.

Avoid: Too soft and brown coloured


Potatoes must be round and firm.

Avoid: Discoloured or growth potatoes.


Choose: If you tend to store tomatoes, make sure you buy tomatoes that are slightly green. They will last longer.

Avoid: Injured or insect infested tomatoes.


Choose: Green and firm. For cooking choose three lobed capsicum. Four lobed for salads.

Avoid: Soft and mushy


Choose onions that are properly closed. There must be at least 2 to 3 layers of dry skin on the onion.


It should have green leaves and must feel heavy to hold as they tend to have tightly packed.

Avoid: Yellow or white toned leaves


Cauliflower tend to have green insects which are hard to see. Open the flower slightly and inspect to see if there are any insects.

Avoid: Too large flower or ones with too many black patches

Lady’s Finger

The most common way to choose lady’s finger is to break the tip. If it breaks, the lady’s finger is fresh. If you want to avoid this, choose small lady’s fingers with blunt ends.

Avoid: Large and matured ones



Choose bananas that are plump with light green to yellow skin.

Avoid: Too soft or with black patches


Choose the ones that look natural.

Avoid: Too glossy apples (coated with wax)


Choose fruits that have dry stem and are slightly orange. The fruit must be firm but give in slightly when pressed.

Avoid: Green stem and yellow fruit.


Choose a firm and heavy watermelon that is free from cracks. The watermelon must produce a resonant sound when tapped.

Avoid: Watermelon with white spots

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits must be bright in color and feel heavy.

Avoid: Soft and soggy fruits

You can watch the detailed video right here by ‘Health is Wealth’.