World Food Day – Steps to Reduce Food Wastage and Achieve Zero Hunger by 2030!


World Food Day (October 16) is a day dedicated to eliminate global hunger. In November 1979, at the 20th conference, the members of FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) declared October 11 as the World Food Day (WFD). The idea was proposed by Dr. Pal Romany, Hungarian Food and Agriculture Minister. Since then, more than 150 countries observe World Food Day to raise awareness about the problems and reasons for hunger and poverty in the world.

This year’s theme is to make a Zero Hunger World by 2030. This means you’ll need to take steps and work towards a world where everyone can have access to healthy, nutritious and safe food. This can be done by adopting sustainable lifestyle, raising awareness about world hunger and world food wastage and taking steps to reduce them.Below are some of  ways you can reduce food wastage:

Buy only what you need

Most people end up shopping for more groceries because it’s cheaper. However, in most cases, not all the food is used. The produce gets spoilt and it is ultimately thrown out. So buy often, buy less, eat fresh and reduce food wastage.

Manage Leftovers

Though most people consume leftovers, many store them in the fridge and forget about them for days. Here are some tips to avoid wasting the leftovers.

  • Get creative and use them for a recipe
  • Stick a post-it on the fridge whenever you place any leftovers in the fridge
  • Donate it to someone needy while the food is still fresh
  • Feed it to stray animals (provided it’s healthy for them)
  • Make a smoothie with leftover vegetables and fruits
  • Store them in clear container, so you can see and use them.

Keep a track of your serving size

It’s easy to get carried away and load your plate with huge amounts of food when you go out for a buffet or when your favourite food has been cooked. In such instances, people ending up eating too much and throwing too much food. Take small servings to avoid overeating and food wastage.

So this World Food Day, take a pledge to do your bit to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030 by making little changes to avoid food wastage in everyday life.