Winter Grooming Routine For Men!


It’s time to pack all your summer outfits and replace them with winter outfits. The same should be followed for grooming routine too. Pack all your summer grooming products and replace them with winter-friendly products for a winter grooming routine.

Exfoliate, Moisture and Use Sun Protection: In winters, skin dries up and there’s a buildup of dead skin. Thus, exfoliation is a step you must not skip. Once you’ve removed the dead skin cells, you’ll need to moisturise your skin. Drinking plenty of water is one way to keep the skin moisturised at all times, but in winters your skin needs a little more. Use a hydrating moisturiser for men to keep that glow intact. And finally, don’t skip the sunscreen. Though winters are colder, the sun is still in the sky, so you cannot skip the sun protection.

Lip Care: To begin with, stop licking your lips! When your lips feel dry, you instantly feel the need to lick them. However, that would do more damage than good. Saliva contains acids that help in breaking down food. Thus, it will further irritate your skin. Invest in good lip balm for men and keep your lips moisturised. Additionally, a lip exfoliation scrub can help you get rid of all the flakes.

Invest in a winter perfume: A grooming ritual is incomplete without a perfume. Everyone has a favorite fragrance, but one must at least update their perfume based on the season. Summers are all about fresh fragrances. But in winters you must choose intense fragrances such as tobacco, leather, vanilla, etc.

Watch out for dandruff: In winters scalp tends to be dry and thus causes dandruff. To prevent dandruff, avoid washing your hair everyday. The chemicals in shampoo can try you out. Oil your hair regularly and condition it to ensure your scalp does not dry.

Beard care: Caring your your hair and skin isn’t enough. You must include facial hair care in your winter grooming ritual. Trim your hair every few days for a polished look. Invest in a beard shampoo and beard conditioner to keep your facial hair healthy. Use a beard oil after your wash your beard. This will prevent beard dandruff and also moisturise the hair and the skin underneath your beard.